#7 Adds bilinear interpolation to pm3d surfaces


When using pm3d with data files (rather than functions), a single color is used for each quadrangle (unless dgrid is used, but then you get weighted averages instead).
This patch does bilinear interpolation to subdivide each quadrangle into nxn smaller quadrangles, and sets the color of each one independantly.
While this could be applied to the raw-data, the benefit to doing it in gnuplot, is that it is easy to tell interpolated data from actual data.

to use:
set pm3d steps <number>
(number = 1 is the default - no interpolation)

won't work with the EXTENDED_COLOR_SPECS because I don't have the needed libraries to test it. It should e very easy to fix though.

No documnetation for 'set pm3d steps'


  • Geoffrey Hausheer


  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Opps. Forgot to add that the patch was built against CVS as of Jan 30, 2001

  • Hans-Bernhard Broeker

    Logged In: YES

    Petr, please have look into this. It should either go in now, or be rejected
    for good.

  • Hans-Bernhard Broeker

    • assigned_to: nobody --> mikulik
  • Petr Mikulik

    Petr Mikulik - 2005-07-26
    • status: open --> closed
  • Petr Mikulik

    Petr Mikulik - 2005-07-26
    • status: closed --> closed-rejected
  • Petr Mikulik

    Petr Mikulik - 2005-07-26

    Logged In: YES

    The patch does not apply to the current cvs, and it was not
    active since the original post. Closing it.


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