#199 wxWidgets terminal


This patch implements a wxWidgets terminal. It provides
all the basic functionnality, but also mouse+hotkeys
support and enhanced text mode.

It is designed to be cross-platform (really few lines
to tweak, apart from the makefiles), and it will
provide other benefits such as text anti-aliasing, and
even line anti-aliasing depending on the platform port
of the library itself (for example, with recent gtk+
and cario).

Moreover, it is easy to add gui facilities, through
menus and toolbars, as it is already done by OS/2 and
windows implementations.

Note : this is really a work-in-progress, and it can
affect gnuplot's general behaviour as it modifies the
main loop to process the terminal events. In
particular, it adds some overhead by initializing the
wxwidgets library.


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  • Petr Mikulik

    Petr Mikulik - 2005-08-25

    Logged In: YES

    Looks nice!

    - On my system, it is slightly faster than x11; I've tried it by
    n=1024; set samples n; set isosamples n
    set term wx; plot x;pr system('date'); splot x*x-y*y with
    pm3d; pr system('date')
    set term x11;plot x;pr system('date'); splot x*x-y*y with
    pm3d; pr system('date')

    - please switch to "C" locale for numbers, at least when
    communicating with gnuplot; otherwise, zooming wants to
    execute command "set xr[1,234:5,678]" which is wrong

    - hotkey "Space" should flip the focus to the gnuplot
    terminal window
    (get the implementation from x11, pm and win)

    Ad menu:
    - "Gnuplot help" menu item should launch the help viewer, as
    for pm and win
    * view gnuplot.inf according to gnupmdrv.c
    * on windows, as there
    * under KDE, Konqueror for
    /usr/share/doc/packages/gnuplot/ so that user can
    look at his favourite html or pdf hypertext doc format
    * otherwise ... filemanager in the above dir, or otherwise
    look if there is html
    or pdf and launch firefox, mozilla or acroread on it

  • Timothée Lecomte

    Logged In: YES

    Here is a new version against current CVS.

    In this version is fixed a bug which affects the behaviour
    of gnuplot towards locale handling. Indeed, when it is
    initialised, the wxwidgets library sets the program's locale
    with the environment's one. (this answers Petr Mikulik
    comment and discuss on mailing list)

    The previous patch gave an error when applied to a fresh CVS
    without ./prepare. It is fixed.

    Finally, I reworked the configure.in so that there's now an
    option not to build the terminal files. Previously it was
    only checking for wxwidgets' presence, and giving an error
    if it was not here.

    Help menu and "focus flip" are not implemented yet.

  • Timothée Lecomte

    Logged In: YES

    Today's version adds the following features :

    * image support (test with image.dem)
    * new menu entry "Ranges" with a dialog box as a
    * functionnal toolbar's icons as proves-of-concept:
    - copy the plot to clipboard, thus making quick
    copies to word processors available
    - toggle grid
    - previous and next zoom
    * fix a bug when processing linetypes

    Note : To allow the communication with the main thread in
    the ranges dialog, I had to revert a recent change in CVS
    which removed the possibility to send raw commands with

  • Timothée Lecomte

    Logged In: YES

    Another much improved version of the patch. Here we have :

    * multiple plot windows

    * implement correcly points and pointsizes
    * proper RGB color processing

    And some bugs fixed :
    * fixed fillbox corners
    * linetypes' colors are coherent with postscript terminal
    * fillbox patterns are more coherent with postscript terminal
    * implement _waitforinput() : rework the event processing so
    that events are processed when pause is issued, ctrl-c
    doesn't make the user lose keyboard input any longer
    * better icons for "zoom history" and "copy to clipboard"

  • Petr Mikulik

    Petr Mikulik - 2005-10-01

    Logged In: YES

    * It does not compile for me:

    wxt.cpp: In constructor
    `wxtRangesDialog::wxtRangesDialog(wxWindow*, const
    wxString&, RANGES*)':
    wxt.cpp:643: error: `wxSizerFlags' undeclared (first use
    this function)
    wxt.cpp:643: error: (Each undeclared identifier is reported
    only once for each
    function it appears in.)
    wxt.cpp: In member function `void
    wxtPanel::wxt_draw_polygon(wxDC&, int,
    wxt.cpp:1827: error: jump to case label
    wxt.cpp:1818: error: crosses initialization of `double fact'
    wxt.cpp:1816: error: crosses initialization of `int blue'
    wxt.cpp:1815: error: crosses initialization of `int green'
    wxt.cpp:1814: error: crosses initialization of `int red'
    wxt.cpp:1834: error: jump to case label
    wxt.cpp:1818: error: crosses initialization of `double fact'
    wxt.cpp:1816: error: crosses initialization of `int blue'
    wxt.cpp:1815: error: crosses initialization of `int green'
    wxt.cpp:1814: error: crosses initialization of `int red'

    There are wxGTK packages on SUSE 9.2.

    * I propose to move those *.xpm files into src/wxterminal
    directory. There
    are already such for the OS/2 PM and Windows terminals.
    Probably all wx-belonging files should go into src/wxterminal.

    * You are putting new files lgpl.txt and wx_license.txt into
    a new
    docs/license directory. I do not think this is useful.
    Gnuplot does not
    distribute these libraries. It can optionally be linked
    against them, same
    as for gd, png, jpeg, pdf, x11, ... libs.
    You can put an appropriate URL into the source code files,
    if needed.

    * Interesting, you have added GE_cmd event ... there is some
    kind of this: in PM terminal, there is a dialog
    command to pass to gnuplot. It is bypassing the event
    scheme, calling
    gp_execute() immediately. Cannot you use it also for wxt?
    (Notice the hard limit of ge structure to text char[100].)

    * Gnuplot source code files do not contain information about
    its encoding
    so authors cannot use accents in their names.

    * wxt_core.cpp: 0S/2 => OS/2

  • Timothée Lecomte

    Logged In: YES

    New patch that address a problem and apply some suggestions
    about the previous patch

    * fix compile problem (some compilers do not allow to
    declare variables in switch ... case...)

    * added a check to prevent inactive windows (all except the
    one chosen by "set term wxt <n>") to send interactive events

    * move toolbar's bitmap in a separate directory
    (src/wxterminal). I have not moved all wxterm files there,
    as it would imply some more work on makefiles. It can still
    be done later if it's really needed.

    * I removed the two license files, and replaced them with an
    url pointing to the wxwidgets' page.

    * removed accent in my name to respect encoding standards
    (painful ;-)

    * fix typo about OS/2

    * changed text element of the gp_event to char* instead of
    char[100] to remove the hard limit.

    (to Petr Mikulik : I think I should't use the same scheme as
    gp_execute() as it would not work, for example, when the
    command line is in pause. Otherwise it would imply that I
    change the way I handle events, and I find it quite fine as
    it is. It works in pm terminal because term->waitforinput()
    is not used)

  • Ethan Merritt

    Ethan Merritt - 2005-10-04

    Logged In: YES

    It's looking quite good at this point. I'm impressed. Have
    you tested in on other (non-X11 based) platforms?


    1) Rotated text is still illegible on my systems. Could you
    provide a note on font-handling by the wxWidgets library?
    Does it need something special in order to locate Symbol
    font, or rotate fonts that it does find?

    2) Colors and solid-fill areas are now working nicely, but
    patterns come out in black only.

    3) It seems that "pause mouse" is not yet working. That's
    ok, but trying to run "mousevariables.dem" causes a
    segfault, which is not ok. Also, the "bind" command is
    apparently not yet implemented.

    4) Something seems to reset the mouse state to "unset
    mouse". I have not been able to figure out exactly
    what/when. Diagnositic is that when stepping through
    "all.dem", after a while I lose the ability to rotate 3D
    plots using the mouse. control-C and "show mouse" reveals
    that mousing has somehow been disabled. This doesn't always
    happen at the same place in the demo, so I think it may be
    some interaction with other mouse or window events.

    5) Enhanced text mode works. But it gets stuck on, and is
    applied to strings that are not supposed to be treated as
    enhanced text. See for example the key legend in the
    histograms demo, where the legend entries are being rendered
    as enhanced text ("United_Kingdom" yields a subscript K).

    6) Clicking the "copy to clipboard" icon results in *two*
    copies of the plot appearing in the KDE klipper tool. Is it
    maybe responding to both the key-press and the key-release?
    Does wxWidgets provide something equivalent to the
    X-resource database? I normally place a line
    "gnuplot*exportselection: off"
    in ~/.Xdefaults because I do not like applications exporting
    things to my clipboard. Is there an equivalent way I can
    turn off the clipboard export from wxWidgets?

    I have not tried to find interactions with other drivers.
    Are you still concerned that building wxWidgets will affect
    the event loop for other terminals?

    Tangential issue:

    Petr said "Gnuplot source code files do not contain
    information about
    its encoding so authors cannot use accents in their names."
    That's news to me. Since when do text files contain
    information about encoding? Usually it is auto-detected by
    any application that cares. Yes, it can be guessed wrong at
    times, but so long as the character in question is not part
    of a syntax element it shouldn't matter much. But if this is
    a real issue, can we just place a notice somewhere at the
    top of the source tree that says text files are to be read
    as UTF-8?

  • Petr Mikulik

    Petr Mikulik - 2005-10-04

    Logged In: YES

    > Since when do text files contain information about encoding?
    The author must write it somewhere (in the beginning).

    > it is auto-detected by any application that cares
    I've never seen such an application, except for "enca /
    enconv" and other "Czech encoding to another Czech encoding"

    > text files are to be read as UTF-8?
    That would not only fix european problems with latin-1 vs
    latin-2 accents, but it would also allow to write names of
    japanese contributors correctly :-)

    But I would prefer to stay with 7bit ascii -- less chances
    that the text gets broken if edited in an UTF-8 unfriendly

  • Timothée Lecomte

    Logged In: YES

    I will try to answer some questions, others are added in my
    TODO list !

    - "Have you tested in on other (non-X11 based) platforms?"
    Not yet. There's one line to tweak in wxt.cpp (wxEntry) to
    make it work on other platforms. And of course makefiles
    should be adapted. I can try on windows, but not
    immediately. As far as other platforms are concerned (mac,
    OS/2), I will need some help !

    - 1) "Rotated text is still illegible on my systems."

    Well, I suppose you are using wxGTK. The implementation of
    rotated text rendering through wxGTK uses pango to render
    horizontal text to a bitmap. Then it is converted to an
    image to use the rotating routines. Finally, the image is
    copied to a bitmap and blitted to the drawing context... As
    you can see, there are many steps and I don't really know
    where is the fault on your systems. Can you precise what are
    your versions of wxGTK, gtk+ and pango ? Mines are : wxGTK
    2.6.1, gtk+2.6.9, pango 1.8.2.

    As far as font-handling, it should be almost the same as

    - 2) "patterns come out in black only."

    So patterns must depend on the previous set_color() call...
    Ok I'll implement it.

    - 3) "It seems that "pause mouse" is not yet working."

    Right, I have not looked at it. Will add to the TODO list !

    - 5) "Enhanced text mode works. But it gets stuck on"

    It's my reset() command which is not working (in fact it
    doesn't do anything). Will correct it.

    - 6) "Clicking the "copy to clipboard" icon results in *two*
    copies of the plot appearing in the KDE klipper tool."

    I have seen the same, and I wonder if it's not related to
    what you said on the bugs page about x11 clipboard : "As to
    KDE... The KDE clipboard manager "klipper" generally catches
    entries in at least 2 of the 3 clipboards." It is possible
    that wxwidgets (or in fact GTK) uses those two clipboards
    simultaneously. I will look if there's a way to handle it.

    - "Is there an equivalent way I can turn off the clipboard
    export from wxWidgets?"
    It is for sure possible to calls the clipboard functions
    conditionnally to the same sort of settings.

    - "Are you still concerned that building wxWidgets will affect
    the event loop for other terminals?"

    Well, it is working safely. The thing that changed from
    original loop is that readline() is launched in a separate
    thread and then the main thread is put to sleep. It can be
    waken up either by the readline thread when the user hits
    "enter" or when the terminal send an event.

    But this scheme has not been really relevant (and should not
    be used) since my previous patch which uses waitforinput()
    to process events ! I will look carefully to logs to see if
    I can completely remove the readline facility, so that the
    event loop will finally be unchanged...

    To sum up my objectives about this patch :

    * I should adapt and try with other platforms,

    * I have still small behaviours to handle properly (mostly
    because term/README is not really accurate) like "pause mouse"

    * I have some concerns about text handling :

    *First, the symbol font problem that I don't really know
    how to handle. (Can you give me a screenshot of
    enhancedtext.dem to compare with mine ?)

    *Second, rotated text which is illegible on your machine.

    *Last but not least, I have a problem with font
    alignment in enhanced mode. As you can see in the demo, the
    "B" of Big is vertically justified whereas it must obviously
    be aligned with the other letters from different fontsizes.
    I have tried to handle it, but the wxwidgets methods to get
    text extents give inconsistent results. (text height in

    To adress these text problems, I have an idea but I'm more
    and more convinced that it's worse the pain : I want to use
    Cairo. It's a modern vector graphics library, licensed under
    the LGPL, and able to draw things on windows, X11, image
    buffers, png, postscript, svg, pdf, OS/2... It will be
    probably more robust than the wxwidgets drawing facilities,
    as it's a dedicated library. It should provide more powerful
    control on drawing and in particular on text handling.
    Moreover, it is able to draw everything with anti-aliasing
    (text+lines+...). Honestly I think it would give us
    wonderful outputs (imagine antialiased axes and ticks in 3d
    plots !). What do you think of it ?

  • Timothée Lecomte

    Logged In: YES

    I am happy to give you an updated patch, which goes, as
    usually, a little further !

    Changes :
    * rendering is done offscreen via cairo. This gives to the
    user really good-looking plots thanks to line antialiasing !
    And it gives to me a more consistent drawing library... Of
    course, you need to have cairo installed (it is the case if
    you have gtk>2.8).
    * No longer use the readline thread, do all gnuplot<->term
    communication via _waitforinput. It avoids to modify core
    gnuplot files, the main loop is no longer affected.
    * implement 'pause mouse'
    ( not very exciting : * implement 'suspend' )

    Bug fixing :
    * should compile cleanly with a unicode-enabled wxwidgets
    * reworked pattern/solid fill, much consistent

    What is remaining in my 'todo' list ? The following :
    * use pango to manage text. As you will see, cairo draws
    text almost correctly (symbol font is working - in
    particular), but there are still some alignement problems.
    Pango will give solid functions to calculate complete text
    extents. The pango dependency is not a problem under unix,
    as wxwidgets already depends on gtk, which depends on pango
    and cairo.
    * I have still not tested under Windows.
    * clipboard bug (two plots in clipboard) remains

  • Timothée Lecomte

    Logged In: YES

    Here is a new version of the patch which implements/corrects
    the following :

    * satisfying text rendering using pango.
    Fontname and fontsize can be chosen by 'set term ...', and
    selected by default to your system settings. Those settings
    are specific to each terminal window.
    Encoding (set encoding...) is properly handled.
    Enhanced text is properly aligned.
    Pango doesn't support fonts with non-unicode mapping, so I
    have implemented a conversion from symbol characters to
    their unicode counterparts.

    *compilation under Windows
    The compilation is successfull under MinGW at least.
    It also implements mouse support under Windows.
    I will provide a binary snapshot tomorrow.

    *Cleanup, bugfixing, reorganizing
    The cairo/pango functions are mostly in a separate file.
    I have disabled antialiasing for polygons as it is too slow.
    I am discussing it with cairo developpers.

    It no longer modifies any of gnuplot files, apart from
    term.h to add the terminal, readline.c to add mouse support
    under Windows, and configure.in to make it compile, so it
    should be completely safe to commit it to cvs.

    My plans now :
    * Continue some clean-up, to separate wxWidgets and
    cairo/pango. In the short-term I should be able to provide
    an 'export to ps,png' (and pdf,svg when stabilized in cairo)
    facility in the terminal, and in the long-term that may
    allow us to create other non-interactive terminals based on
    cairo capabilities.
    * Improve results on Windows, where fonts can appear strange.

    Please review this, and why not think about committing it ;-)

  • Timothée Lecomte

    Logged In: YES

    You can find a binary snapshot of gnuplot with the wxWidgets
    terminal at the following place :


    It brings enhanced text mode and multiple plot windows to
    the Windows platform.
    It is compiled thanks to MinGW. wxWidgets 2.6.2 was
    previously compiled with MinGW too. Pango, cairo, glib,
    intl, zlib, iconv and libpng come from developpement
    packages available on ftp://ftp.gtk.org/pub/gtk/v2.8/win32/ .

  • Ethan Merritt

    Ethan Merritt - 2005-12-10

    Logged In: YES

    This sounds really good. I'm afraid I'll have to leave it to
    actual Windows users to confirm the success, however. My
    attempt to run your wgnuplot binary on linux under wine
    produced this error message when I "set term wx":

    This program uses Unicode and requires Windows NT/2000/XP

    This is not really a problem, since there is normally no
    reason you would want to run the windows version on linux
    anyhow. But it is a bit strange, because usually the
    linux+wine environment is successful at acting like
    NT/2000/XP as needed.

    I've downloaded the source patch also, and will have a look
    at the current state built from source under linux.

  • Ethan Merritt

    Ethan Merritt - 2005-12-10

    Logged In: YES


    Is cairo > 0.4.0 really necessary?
    I cannot seem to find a version newer than 0.3.0 that is
    compatible with my linux installation (Madriva 2005).
    It doesn't look like I'm going to be able to build and test

    There is definitely going to be a lag in people using your
    driver if it requires such bleeding-edge versions of system
    libraries that no one has them yet.

  • Timothée Lecomte

    Logged In: YES

    As for the dependency on Windows NT/2000/XP, it is in part
    my fault, as I compiled my wxWidgets library with unicode
    support whereas it is not needed (unicode for pango is
    handled by glib, not wxWidgets). So I might get it working
    on older Windows by recompiling my wxWidgets without unicode.

    Wine has a setting which allows you to choose which Windows
    version it should mimic. I am pretty sure it chooses Windows
    98 by default. You can change it easily with `winecfg` un
    recent wien snapshots, or with a line in you wine config
    file (something like .wine in your home).

    I had not really looked at the cairo > 0.4.0 dependency
    seriously. In fact, I need cairo > O.9.0 !! Cairo API has
    stabilized since some months with the release of 1.0.0 in
    August. It has probably settled in Mandriva 2006. You may
    also try to compile cairo from sources, as it has no special
    dependency (my code uses a software rendering which is
    standalone is cairo). See http://www.cairographics.org

    Anyway, thanks for having tried !

  • Petr Mikulik

    Petr Mikulik - 2005-12-11

    Logged In: YES

    Some ideas:
    - move files wx*.cpp from src/ to src/wxterminal/
    - please add button for "Autoscale"
    - please add support for the "raise" and "lower" commands,
    and for the spacebar
    - on Linux, it accessionally freezes gnuplot's command line
    (GNU readline),
    I must kill gnuplot; however, I haven't found a unique
    reproducible way
    - could the menubar and the icon bar be put aside (not one
    below the other),
    in order to save space in the graphics window?

    Considering move to cvs, I think it should definitely go to
    cvs before the next
    gnuplot freeze. Not immediately now, as you are still
    developing the patch so
    it is better for you to keep it stand-alone.

  • Timothée Lecomte

    Logged In: YES

    I propose to you an updated patch. Changes are :

    * autoscale icon
    * files are now in dir "src/wxterminal"
    * depends on Cairo > 0.9.0
    * raise/lower commands are implemented (though raise works
    strangely with wxGTK on my box)
    * wxWidgets code and Pango/Cairo code are independant
    * move enhanced functions declarations from term.c to
    term_api.h and declare them extern
    * declare more variables extern to decrease code
    * no longer display a menu bar, instead add a '?' in the
    toolbar with brief about and help message
    * remove redundant includes
    * cleanups in enhanced text mode and image codes

    My todo list contains :

    * implement spacebar =>raise gnuplot terminal
    * use png for toolbar icons to make them prettier, as xpm
    don't have any alpha channel but only an alpha mask
    * improve text rendering under window, where current
    antialiasing gives strange results, at least worse than
    current windows terminal
    * use the independant cairo/pango code to write
    ps/pdf/svg/png terminals, or at least to implement 'export
    to' in the wxWidgets terminal

    You can find a binary snapshot for MS-Windows here :

    Unlike the previous one, this snapshot uses wxWidgets
    compiled without unicode support, so it has more chances to
    work under Windows 95/95/Me, or with default Wine
    configuration. If it's not the case, please report.

  • Petr Mikulik

    Petr Mikulik - 2006-01-04

    Logged In: YES

    Few remarks:
    - "replot" icon could be useful
    - "raise" neither "lower" work on my KDE
    - it would be better to use a "xor"-like color for the
    ruler; the current black color lets it disappear in images.

  • Timothée Lecomte

    Logged In: YES

    Today's changes are :

    * use FPRINTF macro for debugging
    * 'Replot' icon in the toolbar
    * raise/lower was "forgotten" in the last patch
    * the ruler is drawn with an 'invert' operator to make it
    visible over images
    * wx.rc include in wgnuplot.rc has been forgotten since
    first Bastian Märkisch patches for Windows. It finally gives
    the different mouse cursors to the terminal under Windows,
    and has a side effect : Windows binaries executed under
    Windows XP profit from prettier buttons in the console window...

  • Ethan Merritt

    Ethan Merritt - 2006-01-11

    Logged In: YES

    I now have a newer OS to try your code on (Mandriva 2006).
    I had a bit of trouble choosing a compatible version of
    wxWidgets, but eventually I found one that works.

    I now have

    The results are spectacular. I am very impressed,
    particularly with the font rendering quality.

    I only noticed a few glitches while running through the set
    of demo scripts, and only the first one is a real problem.

    1) Every now and then I would lose mousing. I cannot tell
    you a reproducible set of steps, unfortunately. I just know
    that if I start in on a long sequence of 3D plots, then at
    the start mousing works fine, but after a while it has been
    turned off. If I <ctrl-C> back to a gnuplot prompt and say
    "show mouse", it says mousing is turned off.

    2) Enhanced text mode gets stuck on. I think someone
    reported this problem on the mailing list recently,
    suggesting that it is a problem with the demo scripts
    themselves rather than the terminal driver. On the other
    hand, it doesn't happen when I run through the same demos
    under X11. So this remains to be pinned down more precisely.

    3) A single click on the copy-to-clipboard button produces
    four copies of the plot on my clipboard. That seems a bit
    extrem :-)

    4) I'm still not clear on where it pulls fonts from. Some
    special fonts (Symbol) are now working perfectly. But others
    (wingdings) are not found by name. Does it query the font
    server? Does it have a search path?


    We have a "bind" command that programs hotkeys for the
    active plot window. Would it be possible to implement a
    variant of this that would put a new button on your plot
    window toolbar? For example, it would be great to be able
    to define a hotkey for
    "load '~/.gnuplot/print-to-my-postscript-printer'"
    and have it also appear as a print button on the toolbar.

  • Timothée Lecomte

    Logged In: YES

    New patch, with the following improvements :

    -general :
    * enhanced mode checks for ignore_enhanced_text
    * png icons for the toolbar : the icons are now much
    prettier (no aliasing thanks to the png alpha channel), and
    it is a first step towards toolbar customization

    -windows specific :
    * Cario uses a Windows specific backend under win32. Side
    effects : fonts are now ok
    * pause+mouse under Windows works
    * default terminal is wxt for windows

    -unix specific
    * configure.in makes it compile without the wxWidgets
    terminal, but not aborts if there's an error

    Now that fonts rendering is ok under windows, the terminal
    is a great replacement for this platform, as it brings all
    the current features (multiple windows, enhanced text).

    My todo list (still) contains :
    * implement 'persist' behaviour
    * implement spacebar=>raise gnuplot terminal (very
    platform-specific, so I am reluctant to do this)
    * use the independant cairo/pango code to write
    ps/pdf/svg/png terminals, or at least to implement 'export
    to' in the wxWidgets terminal
    * fix the clipboard bug

    You can find a binary snapshot for win32 here :
    (much improved compared to the previous snapshot)

    Ethan : please look for unicode details on this page, or
    read 'help wxt' to understand why Symbol works and Windings not

  • Timothée Lecomte

    Logged In: YES

    New patch, again :

    * 'persist' behaviour is provided by 'set term wxt persist'
    * default terminal instead of X11 and win
    * PNGs not installed if the wxXidgets terminal is not built
    * Checks for a proper initialization of the wxWidgets
    library. This avoids segfaults when starting gnuplot from a tty.
    * About the clipboard and the excessive copies of bitmaps by
    klipper : this is the same problem as with the x11 terminal.
    However, I can't solve it in my terminal. Instead I have
    submitted a patch to wxWidgets, which will hopefully be
    included soon.
    * Frame icon is provided in multiple resolutions to satisfy
    the needs of window managers
    * Fillboxes corrected : there was a visible one-pixel offset
    * Polygon drawn a little faster
    * "polyline" behaviour : multiple 'vector' calls are grouped
    in a single path. Hopefully it makes lines drawing more
    accurate and faster.

    Usual snapshot for windows :

  • Petr Mikulik

    Petr Mikulik - 2006-02-12

    Logged In: YES

    My notes:
    - 'set term wxt persist' is not persistent after 'quit' from
    - please organize that it accepts this option from the
    command line as well (as x11, pm and windows are doing)
    - please get the 'spacebar' hotkey working
    - now the menu is completely missing -- was this intended?
    - wgnuplot-wxt-20060207.zip cannot be unzipped; for plenty
    of files, Info-ZIP's unzip is reporting `(null)' method not

  • Ethan Merritt

    Ethan Merritt - 2006-02-12

    Logged In: YES

    >> please get the 'spacebar' hotkey working

    Ugh. I absolutely hate that behavior. Fortunately, it is
    nicely ignored in x11, at least on my systems. That may be
    because of the window manager settings, but if so then I
    hope the wx terminal will honor those same settings.

    That reminds me to ask a question. The x11 terminal honors
    various settings in Xresources, as all x11 applications are
    supposed to. Does this apply to the wx term as well? If
    not, is there some other configuration file or mechanism of
    setting preferences?

    Is it possible for the user to specify
    - default font
    - default window size/placement
    - default colors, or dot/dash patterns
    - raise/noraise q/ctrl-q

    It is necessary to ignore all normal characters as hot keys
    (including 'q' and <space>) in order to have 'pause mouse
    key' work usefully. Because of this, the "mousevariables"
    demo does not currently work properly for the wx terminal.
    Neither 'q' nor ' ' can be echoed to the plot. Also, at the
    end of the demo the terminal is in some odd state for which
    I must type 'quit' multiple times before it will take effect.

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