#44 OpenGL driver

Lars Hecking
Gary Steele


I'm currently an avid user of gnuplot. We 3.8
extensively in our lab
for data plotting and visualisation. In particular,
I've found the mouse interaction support in 3.8 is
great for 3d plotting.

I've also found that for 3d data sets with a large
number of points (try setting isosamples to 200x200 and
plotting a function), the x11 driver gets very slow.

I poked around the web a bit and found a patch by
Micheal Cohen for an opengl driver. I wasn't able to
find the 3.8b tar file to apply the patch to, but I
found a static binary here:


One thing that is particularly striking is how
increadibly fast it is for rotating and redrawing 3d
surfaces (well, at least using the rage128 hardware
acceleration under x11 with glx). It is astonishing.

Would there be any interest in resurrecting the opengl
code and trying to build it into a full-fledged driver?

Also, is there anywhere I could get a tar file of the
3.8b release? I'd like to compile the code and take a
look at it.



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    I tried to rework the patch for the current cvs head, but no
    luck. Too much
    has changed since - pm3d was added, and heavy code
    restructuring has
    taken place to improve modularisation.

    If you absolutely want, you can retrieve 3.8b from cvs, the
    branch tag is

    I'd suggest you contact the author of the patch and ask him
    to update
    it for gnuplot-current. His email address is in
    testing/README at our
    ftp sites (same directory as the opengl patch).

    Sorry I cannot be of more help.

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    Lars Hecking

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