#362 tics mark color


The tics mark color seems not to be specified with "set tics" even though the tics label color can be specified with "set tics textcolor ...".

If the tics mark color can be specified, it is useful for the tics on dark background drawn by "set object rectangle", for example.

Are there another solution for it ?


  • Andrew Rasmussen

    The tics take the color of the border, so you can do

    set style line 1 lc rgb "blue"
    set border ls 1
    plot ...

    It would sometimes be nice to be able to control the tic color independently, though.

  • Hiroki Motoyoshi

    Thank you for your reply.

    That's it I want to do.

    Your example works fine!

  • Hiroki Motoyoshi


    That's it I want to do.

    It was 80% of that I want to do.

    Because, I want to specify the color for each axis.

    For example:
    When I set the grid color to "gray", I also want to set
    the tic mark color to "gray". But I don't want to change
    the tic mark color and border color of colorbox from "black".


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