#330 Boxplot options: nooutliersabove and nooutliersbelow


The suggested feature are two keywords "nooutliersabove" and "nooutliersbelow" for "set style boxplot."

The "nooutliersbelow" keyword would omit outliers that are below the lower "whisker" edge; while "nooutliersabove" would work analogously.

This has been useful to me because I was interested only in large values of certain data, and not lower values.

I have added these changes to gnu plot 4.6.0 (see attached patch), but I don't think I diff'ed against the right old files. Each diff line in the patch reads
'diff -Nau -x '*.o' -x '*ake*' src_orig/graphics.c src/graphics.c'

The existing keywords "outliers" or "nooutliers" continue to work under this patch, of course.

If someone could tell me the exact patch format (old and new filenames/directories), I could update this. Or you could sed 's/src_orig/src_cvs' to fix the patch. This is my first contribution to gnuplot (or any open-source project).


  • Nicholas Musolino

    patch created from WD [...]/gnuplot-4.6.0/; Will bring src_orig/ to src/

  • Ethan Merritt

    Ethan Merritt - 2012-05-26

    That's normal. Just use the -p flag when applying the patch.

    Since you've just been looking at the code...
    Do you see a way to have the autoscaling ignore outliers that are not going to be drawn anyhow?

  • Nicholas Musolino

    I can take a look at the autoscaling question, but I don't think I'll have the familiarity with gnuplot (or the time, in the immediate future) to accomplish it.


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