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Unable to run gnuplot under Win98

  • Laurent

    Laurent - 2010-11-21


    I find gnuplot very useful. Unluckily I fail at using it at school with students where there is a Win98 computer. I get the following message from gnuplot:
    The LIBFONTCONFIG-1.DLL file is linked to missing export KRENEL32.DLL:GetSystemWindowsDirectoryA."
    and another error message from Windows:
    "A device attached to the system is not functioning."
    I searched FAQs aand this forum, but I found no answer about this problem.

    Please can somebody help me? Thanks a lot.


  • Hans-Bernhard Broeker

    The problem is not in gnuplot itself, but rather in the DLL used by it.  It's evidently been built for a higher version of the Win32 API than the one implemented by Win98.

    I suspect you'll have to build your own gnuplot to get around that.  And you'll quite likely lose some of the more trendy terminal drivers, most importantly wxt and the latest gd.

    As an alternative, you can go back to the prebuilt binary package of an older version of gnuplot up to version 4.2.0.

  • Laurent

    Laurent - 2010-11-21

    Hi broeker, Thanks A LOT for your reply. I tried your suggestion to use an earlier version. I began with 4.2.6 and it works well. Indeed I have no more the beautiful wxt terminal but I have to live with that because I'm not able to build gnuplot from source. Thanks again for your help.

  • Anonymous - 2011-01-07

    i downloaded this software but i dont know how to install it

  • Laurent

    Laurent - 2011-01-07

    Unzip and run wgnuplot.exe


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