Martin Horvat - 2002-07-25

The "with hist" has a strange propertie that if I plot two with "\n\n" separated list of numbers the in the plot some horizontal lines appear in the bottom of the diagram.

plot 'data.dat' index 1 w hist  -> OK

plot 'data.dat' index 1:2 hist   -> NOT OK because of hor. lines

I would be grate if in the next version if the index would have the samo controls as the axes intervals or better said by example:
This should work:

plot 'data.dat' index 1: w l
plot 'data.dat' index :2 w l

as it work buy the drawing intervals for instance:

plot [:1] 'data.dat' w l
plot [1:]'data.dat' w l

Please comment on my histogram problem as fast as possible.
Thank you ahead.