Problem with multiplot and scale

  • Ivan

    Ivan - 2013-05-15

    I use this script

    set data style steps
    set view 0,0,1,1
    set cntrparam levels discrete 1
    set nosurface
    set contour
    set grid
    set nokey
    unset ztics

    set xlabel 'Radius, m' offset 0,2.5
    show xlabel

    set ylabel 'Height, м'
    show ylabel

    set terminal cgm monochrome solid linewidth 1 width 500 'Arial' 10
    set output 'c:\P0.cgm'

    set multiplot
    splot '\X001\db\Result\9981\P0.DAT' notitle

    unset grid

    plot f(x)=2.7, f(x)

    and I get this picture

    Scales of two diagrams are different. How to do that scales become equal?

  • Ivan

    Ivan - 2013-05-16

    In fact, I want to show edge values like this

    How to show precise values and draw line?
    Precise values I know in advance, gnuplot shouldn't compute it.


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