Dashed line plots using gif and wgnuplot 3.7

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous - 2001-08-24

    I have a very simple (and probably stupid) question.

    I am running gnuplot 3.7 on a Win/NT environment. Is it possible to plot out data using non-solid lines? Using 'Test', I can see that there is some sort of support for it, but I can't seem to find the right combination to use to get it.

    The reason I'm using gif rather than png is that I need to use transparency. This is for a dynamic network diagram I've created.

    The commands I'm currently using are:

    set output 'd:\notes\data\key\20010824122951.gif'
    set terminal gif transparent size 831,590 xffffff xffffff xffffff x00ffff x00FF00 x000000
    set nolinestyle
    set noborder
    set noxtics
    set noytics
    set tmargin 0
    set bmargin 0
    set lmargin 0
    set rmargin 0
    plot [0:831] [0:590] 'd:\notes\data\key\mci.data' notitle with lines lt 1,'d:\notes\data\key\mciisdn.data' notitle with lines lt 1,'d:\notes\data\key\at&t.data' notitle with lines lt 2,'d:\notes\data\key\at&tisdn.data' notitle with lines2 lt 2,'d:\notes\data\key\other.data' notitle with lines lt 3,'d:\notes\data\key\otherisdn.data' notitle with lines lt 3

    This works fine. How should it be changed (if possible) to get dashes for the isdn stuff?

    • Hans-Bernhard Broeker

      The line styles used by the windows GUI terminal driver are controlled by right-clicking into the graph window and selecting "Line Styles..." from the popup menu.  The settings are global for the session. If you want the same settings for all future sessions, Select "write wgnuplot.ini" from the same popup menu.

      The "GIF" terminal doesn't support dashed lines except for the linetype used for zeroaxes and gridlines (linetype zero, as shown in the 'test'
      page). All other linetypes are always solid.

      And BTW: the very latest version have transparency in PNG, too.


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