#1432 spacebar does not raise command window with qt terminal


although this issue begins with wxt terminal [1], the issue also happens on qt terminal and the issue seem to be platform independent. Therefore I file this issue to the bug ticket.

[1] http://gnuplot.10905.n7.nabble.com/Spacebar-does-not-raise-command-window-with-wxt-terminal-td18540.html


  • Tatsuro MATSUOKA

    I looked at the code of the qt terminal and it is possible that the code of

    void QtGnuplotScene::keyPressEvent(QKeyEvent* event)
    is related to the issue.

    I'm not familiar with the code for the qt terminal.
    I hope that the guys who are related the qt terminal code will participate in the discussion.


  • Bastian Märkisch

    I had a look at this for Windows, but a good and reliable solution isn't so simple - at least on a "modern" Windows (Vista or newer).

    Since the qt graph window is in another process, it cannot raise the console window itself. Instead, it has to send a message to the gnuplot process. But even then the gnuplot process can not "raise" itself, since it is not the active process. gnuplot_qt explicitly has to allow this, but needs the gnuplot PID to do so.

  • Tatsuro MATSUOKA

    Thanks. I understand the situation.

    Only way that I think is that get the gnuplot PID by GetCurrentProcessId() [1] before executing gnuplot_qt and pass it to gnuplot_qt in some fashion.


    I am not good at programming. Sorry if I have a wrong idea.


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