#1342 Changes needed for AquaTerm 1.1.1 and newer (gnuplot 4.6.5, probably affects all versions on OS X)


AquaTerm 1.1.1 has changed the way libraries work in what seems like a gratuitously annoying way: previous versions (up to 1.1.0) installed libraries and header files (as symlinks) which worked via -l and #include in the obvious way. 1.1.1 does not do this so you need to use some special magic option (-framework) and also some clever trick to include header files I think.

This means that the gnuplot configure script does not detect AquaTerm at all for version 1.1.1 (or newer presumably: 1.1.1 is current), unless an earlier version was previously installed, as the symlinks still exist (and will point to the 1.1.1 header files & libraries).

So some changes are needed to support the new version.


  • Ethan Merritt

    Ethan Merritt - 2014-02-27

    I was under the impression that this change had already been made in CVS by altering the file .../m4/apple.m4, which now contains the following lines:

                    [  --with-aquaterm         include support for aquaterm on OSX],
                    [if test "$withval" == yes; then
                        GP_HAVE_FRAMEWORK(Aquaterm,[#import <Aquaterm/AQTAdapter.h>],[],
                                          [CFLAGS="$CFLAGS -ObjC"; LDFLAGS="$LDFLAGS -framework Found
    ation -framework Aquaterm"],[])

    It would help to know whether this doesn't work for you, or whether you simply don't have this version yet.

  • Tim Bradshaw

    Tim Bradshaw - 2014-02-27

    Yes, I haven't tried the CVS version (not helped by Apple no longer shipping CVS with their development tools. So this is a spurious report: sorry

  • Tim Bradshaw

    Tim Bradshaw - 2014-02-27
    • status: open --> closed-duplicate
      Closed as a duplicate, as this is spurious.
    Last edit: Tim Bradshaw 2014-02-27

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