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7th generation of The GNU Ada compiler


The GNU Ada Project [1] just released the 7th generation of Ada compiler distribution. This is a major release with lots of new functionality and
almost completed Ada 2005 support.

GNAT/GCC features all main GCC languages for convenient multi language development. GNAT/GPL has been reduced to just Ada and C - which reduces both the download and installation foodprint.

Included with GNAT/GCC is version 4.1.0 of the GNAT Programming Studio IDE which supports Ada, C, C++, Fortran 90, JavaScript, Pascal, Perl, Python.... read more

Posted by Martin Krischik 2007-05-20

MinGW cross compiler available.

MinGW has been our problem child for quite a while but now we have a MinGW cross compiler ready for you test.

Currently available as Build-Hosts are SuSE Linux 10.1 X86_64 [1] and MS-Windows Cygwin [2]. Look out for the "gnat-mingw-*" files.

The Toolchain only contains Ada and C as the other languages are not cross compile and/or windows friendly.

And yes, we do hope to use one of the cross compiler to create a native MinGW compiler. Details on how to use the compiler will be added to the MinGW wiki page [3] when I find some time.... read more

Posted by Martin Krischik 2006-08-22

R6 released

The R6 release is a maintanace release the fixes all sorts of - mostly minor problems. There where also some larger issues within Gtk/Ada and XML/Ada.

New is the Ctags package which will complete the Ada support for Vim. Especialy the various explorer windows for vim need Ctags.

We now have our first screenshot showing the abilities of an Ada aware Vim.

Posted by Martin Krischik 2006-07-20

R5 release with lots of improvements now available

Hello together,

With the R5 release many loose ends have been tied up:

1) The package naming convetion changed to closer reflect
the naming convention by the distribution.
2) The package dependencies have been properly filled in
so usefull errormessages for missing packages are given.
4) The source packages are now self contained so that
"rpmbuild --rebuild xxxx.src.rpm" should now work [1].
3) Only one set of source packages are provied.
5) RPM-Build-Script are now fully compatible with GNAT/Pro.
6) Configurations Scripts now updated.

And on top of all this improvements both GCC and GPL are
created with the newest releases from the FSF and AdaCore.

All in all, this release is a lot better then any previous
release. ... read more

Posted by Martin Krischik 2006-07-09

GCC 4.1.0 available for download

The GNU Ada Project [1] is pleased to announce a new GNAT release based on GCC 4.1.0. The Release is currently available for "SuSE 10.0 x86_64" and "Solaris 10 UltraSparc" - others are to follow.

The SuSE release consist of all GCC core languages (ada, C, C++, Fortran, Java, Obj-C, Obj-C++) and all currently supported libraries and tools (asis, booch, gdb, gtkada, xmlada).

The Solaris release consists of Ada, C and C++.... read more

Posted by Martin Krischik 2006-03-12

"R2" - Now you can install GNAT/GPL and GNAT/GCC at once.

This is the Release 2 of the GNAT distribution. This Distribution will install GNAT/GCC and GNAT/GPL in two different directories so you can install them both.

You can switch between them using a new configuration Script.

The initial package consists "GNAT/GCC 4.0.2" and "GNAT/GPL 2005" for "SuSE 10.0 x86_64" and "SuSE 9.2 i586" with all the libraries and tools we currently distribute.... read more

Posted by Martin Krischik 2006-01-10

GNAT/GCC 4.0.2 for Redhat Enterprise Linux 4 x86 released

This release is the FSF GCC 4.0.2 built or Redhat Enterprise Linux 4 x86.

Note that as is probably the case with other releases, debugging support with the built in GDB is somewhat limited (e.g. no "break exception" is available).

Posted by Jeffrey Creem 2005-12-27

GNAT/GCC 4.0.2 for SuSE 10.9 x86_64 released

With this release we now have a GMGPL licenced version of GNAT for 64 bit architecture.

The source package is allready there. For the binary it is "ETA: 13:34".

Have fun.

Posted by Martin Krischik 2005-12-23

GNAT/GCC 3.4.5 for SuSE 9.2 .i585 released

The 3.4.5 hasn't got as many features as the 4.0.2 but it will pass the ACATS test without errors. So if a working version is more important to you then features this is for you.

Posted by Martin Krischik 2005-12-18

GNAT/GPL for SuSE 10.0 x86_64 Released.

This release is pretty difficult to create.

For once SuSE 10.0 uses a s 4.0.2 snapshot - which has difficuties to compile the 3.4.5 based GNAT/GPL.

Anand then GNAT/GPL won't compile on 64 bit without some gcc comandline patching.

So I hope you enjoy this release.


Posted by Martin Krischik 2005-12-18

GNAT/GCC 4.0.2 for SuSE 9.2 i586 released

The heading says it all. The GNAT/GCC 3.4.5 and the GNAT/GPL for SuSE 10.0 x86_64 are currently uploaded.

Posted by Martin Krischik 2005-12-18

GNAT/GPL for SuSE 9.2 i586 Released.

After allmost 3 years we have released the first new Package. This time for SuSE 9.2 i586.

Have Fun

Posted by Martin Krischik 2005-12-16