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Releae 0.9.96

The first release increment for almost in over 18 months heralds a host of new and enhanced functionality within the Gnocl command set plus a number bug fixes. Here's a brief overview.

New Widgets
gnocl::info Bar

New Commands
gnocl::showURI... read more

Posted by William J Giddings 2012-01-01

Recent Changes..

Recent changes to the gnocl include bug fixes to the gnocl::applet routine solving the problem of occasional crashes, especially on exiting. Support for GtkSpell has been moved into a separate package, for those developers who want a smaller gnocl shared libraries. Todays upload includes the bare bones for a new package to provide a gnocl::pdfViewer widget based upon poppler. If anyone wants to work on this new project, then post an email via SourceForge.
Finally, a quick look at the src directory will reveal that a number of 'test scripts' relating to the various new features that have been developed since the 0.9.92 release. These are not extensive, but non-the-less show off many of the enhancements and also give newcomers a better idea of how to get the most from gnocl.

Posted by William J Giddings 2009-11-02

Gnocl Release 0.9.94

Tcl/Gtk bindings. Gnocl offers support for the core Gtk+ widgets with the full ease and simplicity of using Tk.

Posted by William J Giddings 2009-03-25

Linux Nightly Builds

Now available, bleeding edge binaries for Linux Gnocl complete with installation script (make reinstall) and test scripts driving demonstrating the work on the ehancements in progress.

Posted by William J Giddings 2008-12-06

Announce Gnocl 0.9.92

Source code for the latest release of Gnocl is now available. This provides enhanced text widget support and new widgets including handleBox and arrowBox.

Posted by William J Giddings 2008-09-21

Gnocl for Windows

Thanks to the work of Robert Hönlinger Gnocl is finally available for Windows, too. Robert provided the basic DLL for gtk+ widgets and DLLs for GConf, Canvas and VFS use plus the needed patches for version 0.9.91.

Many thanks, Robert.

Posted by Peter G. Baum 2007-07-25

ANNOUNCE: Gnocl 0.9.90

Gnocl 0.9.90 is available at

This release features mainly updates for GTK+ 2.4. The new fileChooser
is supported including extra and preview widget. Furthermore there are
new commands for fontButton, colorButton, expander, comboBox and comboEntry
widgets. For a detailed list of additional changes see the NEWS file.

The version number emphasis that Gnocl is only a few releases from
version 1.0 away. So, if you find bugs or think that an important
feature is missing, please speak now.... read more

Posted by Peter G. Baum 2005-02-27

ANNOUNCE: Gnocl 0.5.18

Gnocl 0.5.18 is available at

This release includes new bindings to the Gnome virtual files
system. The canvas command has been improved by allowing
expressions in tag identification and the addition of a -dash
option to many canvas items. For a detailed list of
additional changes see the NEWS file.

Gnocl implements GTK+ and Gnome bindings for the programming language
Tcl with special emphasize on ease of use, following the example of
the Tk toolkit. It provides commands to build quickly GTK+ / Gnome
compliant applications including the canvas widget, GConf, Gnome VFS
and the Gnome applet. Gnocl is split in several libraries, which can
be loaded on demand.... read more

Posted by Peter G. Baum 2004-12-12

ANNOUNCE gnocl-0.5.18-pre2

Preview releases are intended for interested developers.
Please don't package this version. This version is not targeted
at people who don't know how to install from source.

New since 0.5.17:
- new lib gnoclVFS with commands file and mime
- canvas
o allow expressions in tag identification (e.g. "t1|(t2^t3)")
o itemConfigure and itemCget work correctly with "-tags"
o new subcommand findWithTag
- Makefile
o added -fPIC since amd64 needs it
- toolBar
o fixed segfault

Posted by Peter G. Baum 2004-08-28

ANNOUNCE: Gnocl 0.5.17

Gnocl 0.5.17 is available at

This release features many enhancements especially of the canvas
widget like alpha blending (transparency), new canvas items "polygon",
"image" and "clipGroup", new subcommands "update", "raise" and "lower"
and new options -onEnter and -onLeave. For a detailed list of
additional changes see the NEWS file.... read more

Posted by Peter G. Baum 2004-07-10

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