Recent Changes..

Recent changes to the gnocl include bug fixes to the gnocl::applet routine solving the problem of occasional crashes, especially on exiting. Support for GtkSpell has been moved into a separate package, for those developers who want a smaller gnocl shared libraries. Todays upload includes the bare bones for a new package to provide a gnocl::pdfViewer widget based upon poppler. If anyone wants to work on this new project, then post an email via SourceForge.
Finally, a quick look at the src directory will reveal that a number of 'test scripts' relating to the various new features that have been developed since the 0.9.92 release. These are not extensive, but non-the-less show off many of the enhancements and also give newcomers a better idea of how to get the most from gnocl.

Posted by William J Giddings 2009-11-02

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