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gmpy 1.02 sources pre-release

Not packaged up for release yet, but the sources in CVS are now at release 1.02, with minor improvements (mpq('12.34') now works) and bugfixes (no warnings on comparisons of mpq's, nor of mpf's), plus experimental support for interoperability with Python 2.4's decimal.Decimal (via special conversion methods inserted in it; the same approach should allow full interoperability with any Python-coded class which wants to play along). The new functionality is not documented yet, and I consider it experimental -- I'll document and release it if and when I and/or others find time to play with it and it appears to work as desired (and I MUST work on the 2nd ed of the Nutshell for the next month or two...).... read more

Posted by Alex Martelli 2006-02-26

gmpy 1.01 beta release

sources: minor bug-fixes & sundry cleanups
windows binaries: installers for Python 2.3 and 2.4

Posted by Alex Martelli 2005-11-13

gmpy 1.0 alpha release

sources: minor bug-fixes & tiny changes
windows binaries: .pyd's for Python 2.3 (only)

Posted by Alex Martelli 2003-08-08

gmpy version 0.9a21 released

Just making GMPY work (and pass tests) with Python 2.1 (previous releases were for 2.0 instead). Tiny changes indeed. Note test-files are *still* called *-0.8.

Posted by Alex Martelli 2001-09-03

gmpy version 0.9 released

Just minor bug-fixes. Note test-files are still called *-0.8.

Posted by Alex Martelli 2001-01-25

gmpy version 0.8 released

Test coverage now solid, alpha-release time getting closer and closer...

Posted by Alex Martelli 2000-12-27

gmpy version 0.7 released

Approaching alpha: mpf precision closely and carefully controlled, removed limitations, fixed gcc warnings, worked around GMP bugs; sources refactored for concision, using argument parsing macros; docs enhanced.

Posted by Alex Martelli 2000-12-18

gmpy version 0.6 released

Closer and closer to alpha: mpq caching, more precise conversions, many more tests, and lots of minor cleanup, enhancements, performance tweaks.

Posted by Alex Martelli 2000-12-07

gmpy version 0.5 released

Major enhancements: MPQ and random functionality now exposed; MPZ functionality completed; unit-tests added also for MPQ, MPF, and random; docs updated; win32 binary split (.lib vs .pyd). Sundy minor cleanups &c, as usual. Nearing alpha...!-)

Posted by Alex Martelli 2000-12-01

version 0.4 released

This release includes docstrings on all modules and functions; a C API (split gmpy.c/gmpy.h) and a sample C-written Python module using it; sundry minor cleanups, additions, and speedups.

Posted by Alex Martelli 2000-11-25

version 0.3 released

sundry cleanups, substantial performance increase for mpz thanks to caching techniques, exposed more mpz functionality, added some unit tests for mpz

Posted by Alex Martelli 2000-11-18

version 0.2 released

bugfixes, performance tweaks, more functions exposed (many tx to Pearu Peterson!); win32 binaries upgraded to GMP 3.1.1 (thanks to

Posted by Alex Martelli 2000-11-15

first pre-alpha release of gmpy

See (you will also need a binary package for Win32; for Unix, you'll also need to have GMP 3 installed!).

Posted by Alex Martelli 2000-11-06

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