Can I comment out the time zones?

brett p
  • brett p

    brett p - 2005-08-28

    Can I comment out the time zones in the index.php with #s so I can only choose the timezone I want? Or is there a way to make it only use my timezone? If I edit the index.php file do I have to reinstall gmail mobile or will continue to work even after messing with it?

    • neerav

      neerav - 2005-08-28

      The simplest way is to set the default time zone you want in the config.php file.

      If you want to just make a shorter list of commonly used time zones, delete the unneeded ones from the $time_zones array in index.php.  Any changes you make in index.php will need to be made again when you upgrade to a newer version of Gmail Mobile.


    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Would it be possible to add another Sign In link above the timezones?  It would save a lot of key presses for anyone wanting to use the default timezone.

      • neerav

        neerav - 2005-09-06

        Copy the code from <b><anchor.... to </anchor></b>  that surrounds the "Sign In" button in index.php.  paste it where you like.  you might need to add ?>  before and <? after it depending on where you place it.

        I would have considered adding this to the distribution, but version 1.0 has a great PIN feature which uses a "simpler" signin page which saves your time zone preference, username, etc and only requires you to enter a PIN.


    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Actually, you don't need to do go to this length if you've made the changes in the config file. The long list of Time Zones only appears the first time. Just sign out and sign in again and you'll see only a single time zone.


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