Contacts snapshots broken by new Gmail UI

  • jils

    jils - 2007-11-07

    You now have to specify 'ui=1' in all contacts-related URLs so that you get the old markup that libgmailer knows how to parse.

    The logic block covering lines 1469-1484 should be:

                    case GM_CONTACT:
                        if (strtolower($box) == "all")
                            $q = "ui=1&view=cl&search=contacts&pnl=a";
                        elseif (strtolower($box) == "search")    // Added by Neerav; 15 June 2005
                            $q = "ui=1&view=cl&search=contacts&pnl=s&q=".rawurlencode($parameter);
                        elseif (strtolower($box) == "detail")    // Added by Neerav; 1 July 2005
                            $q = "ui=1&search=contacts&ct_id=".$parameter."&cvm=2&view=ct".$this->proxy_defeat();
                        elseif (strtolower($box) == "group_detail")    // Added by Neerav; 6 Jan 2006
                            $q = "ui=1&search=contacts&ct_id=".$parameter."&cvm=1&view=ctl".$this->proxy_defeat();
                        elseif (strtolower($box) == "group")
                            $q = "ui=1&view=cl&search=contacts&pnl=l";
                        else // frequently mailed
                            $q = "ui=1&view=cl&search=contacts&pnl=p";
                        $q = "ui=1&search=inbox&view=tl&start=0&init=1";

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Sweet, works like a charm.  Thanks.

    • Jeanneret Internux

      well.. it doesn't work for me. Seems really I can't log in -.-
      Where can I send you logs ? I've those from libgmailer and curl...


    • jils

      jils - 2007-11-08

      and that the function I modified was fetchBox()

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      However, he states "use at your own risk". The functions that I use all work, thanks neerav!


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