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libgmailer for PHP / News: Recent posts

libgmailer 0.9.0 beta 8 released

this version fixes the signin changes made by Google on 18 May 2007 for hosted domains.

Posted by neerav 2007-05-18

libgmailer 0.9.0 beta 7 and gmail-lite 0.10 beta 7 released

Updates to libgmailer and gmail-lite have been released. Visit with problems, suggestions, and for other support.



Posted by neerav 2007-05-09

libgmailer 0.9 beta 5 for php 4.4.4

Anyone using gmail-mobile, gmail-lite, or other libgmailer based apps on php 4.4.4 or greater (possibly all version of php 5) MUST use the libgmailer 0.9 beta 5 or better. For all others, you may continue to use libgmailer 0.9 beta 4 unless you are affected by one of the issues below.

Changes since 0.9 beta 4

1) signin workaround for the security fix in php 4.4.4, and possibly all versions of php 5
2) updated check for valid 'Gmail for Your Domain' domains since the change to 'Google Apps for Your Domain' in August 2006
3) support a new 'view as html' error
4) editFilter() working again
5) expanded setSetting() to include chat settings and picture settings
6) added pop_on_since to pop settings info

Posted by neerav 2006-09-15

gmail-lite 0.10 beta 6 and libgmailer 0.9 beta 4 released

Fixes Gmail signin change of 31 August as well as new features, updates and fixes.

Posted by neerav 2006-09-02

gmail-lite 0.10 beta 4 released

gmail-lite 0.10 beta 4 has been released. Fixes a signin bug (in beta 3) and makes other improvements in the program.

Posted by neerav 2006-05-08

gmail-lite 0.10 beta 3 released

gmail-lite 0.10 beta 3 introduces still more features and fixes. One fix of note is the change to the way Gmail sends messages using the "from" address feature.

This "upgrade" is not required, but is HIGHLY recommended. Though it is given the "beta" tag, this is practically a release version.

Posted by neerav 2006-05-04

gmail-lite 0.10 beta 1 and libgmailer 0.9 beta 2 released

New versions of gmail-lite and libgmailer have been released and fixes the signin changes Google made to Gmail on 15 April 2006 to some accounts. These versions are RECOMMENDED even if you do not face any problems, since the signin changes will eventually hit your account.

Posted by neerav 2006-04-16

gmail-lite 0.10 beta1 and libgmailer 0.9 beta 1 released

Rushed releases of both gmail-lite and libgmailer mainly to fix Google's change to the Gmail service on 4 April 2006.

There are many new features and fixes. More details to follow.

Posted by neerav 2006-04-11

signin broken: procedure has changed

Google has changed the way signin is handled in Gmail. This is not a simple URL change as in the past. We are aware of the problem and an update is being worked on, though this time around it may take more than the usual day or so.


Posted by neerav 2006-04-04

New official homepage

I am glad to tell you that you are all welcomed to the project's new homepage:

It consists of:
- a blog where you can find the updated news (and you're encouraged to subscribe to its RSS)
- a page for developer (with documentations, wiki)
- a discussion board
- a list of sites that are/can host gmail-lite
- and more...

Posted by Gan 2005-09-10

gmail-lite 0.9 and libgmailer 0.8.0 released

[[gmail-lite 0.9]]
- Add a new preferences page for you to change Gmail settings, contacts, and labels.
- Be able to use Gmail's new feature: "Send as".
- And many minor changes...

Posted by Gan 2005-09-10

libgmailer 0.7.2 released

It has fixed several bugs:
- "Redirect limit error": this is caused by a change in Gmail's URL, from to
- "Contact list error": this is caused by a change in Gmail's contact list format

And Neerav added several new methods to it:
- contact_edit() : create/edit contact
- contact_delete() : delete contact
- label_settings() : create/edit/remove labels
- status_message() : parse status replies

Posted by Gan 2005-06-21

Demo sites

This is a list of demo sites of gmail-lite:

1) The "official" one, which is hosted by me.

2) Sam Krupa is kind enough to host another gmail-lite demo site in his GMail blog for the general public.

[Disclaimer: use it at your own risk.]

Posted by Gan 2004-09-14

gmail-mobile: WAP access to your GMail

For those of you looking for WAP access of GMail, we introduce [gmail-mobile].

gmail-mobile is a PHP application that will give you access to your GMail account with any WAP phone (WML format). It is built on top of libgmailer. You will be able to read your mail, compose message, reply, access to your labels.

- Session enabled in your php configuration
- curl library available
- The website will have to run on the port 80 (WAP requirement)... read more

Posted by Gan 2004-09-08

Demonstraion of [gmail-lite]

You may now try out all features of gmail-lite WITHOUT using/risking your own Gmail account!

Try logging in with username "demo" and password "demo"! Of course this is not a true GMail account: this will log-in to Go and try reading/receiving/sending gmail from it!

Posted by Gan 2004-08-31