Gmail-lite Error 15 as of 11/8/2007

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Everything was working fine until I tried to login on 11/8/2007.  At that time and every attempt going forward, I get the following error displayed:

    Signin failed. Gmail connection error. Try again after a few minutes.

    The signin information however IS correct.  Something must have changed.  If anyone knows how to resolve this error please let me know.  Thank you.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      it's due to the new GUI and script changes in Gmail's backend. Judging from the activity in the CVS i'd say the problem is being worked on.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Cool.  I just went into the CVS for libgmailer and downloaded the libgmailer.php file with the Revision number 1.35 that was created yesterday i think.  And I am back up and running.

      • Nobody/Anonymous


           Can you please send me the rev 1.35 of libgmailer.php at ? Thanks !


    • Nobody/Anonymous

      I know this is a dumb question but from an IE browser how do I get to the CVS?

      • Jeanneret Internux

        Just use maybe...
        or simply instal a linux ;)

      • neerav

        neerav - 2007-11-14

        You can also access the CVS through the browser (without all the sync features) through the project's navigation menu, go to Code -> CVS Browse



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