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Progress being made

I'm not sure if many or any people follow this project still, but if you do, then you will surely have noticed a lot of SVN activity lately. I've been feverishly working on GameServ 2.0! I would love to have a prototype connecting to UnrealIRCD by the end of December, but I'm not sure if that can happen. I still have to iron out how I am going to handle the IRC connections in such a way as to solve the problems I had in the past. There is going to have to be some sort of service layer to abstractly handle connections to the game somehow, or it will be impossible to add new types of IRCDs in the future.... read more

Posted by Domenic Datti 2009-10-03

GameServ 2.0 Development Revitalized

I just wanted to let everyone know that I've started development on version 2.0 again! After switching jobs, I'm no longer working in C/C++ every day, so I'm using GameServ to keep myself fresh with C++. I learned a lot at my last job, and I'm going to be applying everything I can to GameServ 2.0 to try to make it clean, and therefore fun to develop. If the framework is laid down correctly, adding new features should be a breeze, and they will not cause the codebase to become overly bloated as it is now.... read more

Posted by Domenic Datti 2009-09-10

GameServ 1.3.5 Released

I wanted to release all the code in the 1.x development trunk before continuing work on 2.0 so that anyone that still uses GameServ can benefit. I also fixed a few issues, including compile warnings. Check the Changes file for more information.

Posted by Domenic Datti 2008-08-14

GameServ 2.0 Under Development

I've decided to do a full rewrite of GameServ in fully cross platform C++. I'm going to be making use of the Boost library, as well as a C++ Sockets Library:

I have successfully used both of these libraries in a *nix and Windows environment, so GameServ-2.0 is going to be completely cross platform.

I am currently working as a software developer, and I've learned a lot over the past couple of years. In order to solidify what I've learned, I've decided to write GameServ 2.0 in a n-tier fashion. ... read more

Posted by Domenic Datti 2008-05-12

Code cleanup

I thought I would post here to let those people who are interested know: I've seriously overhauled gameserv.cpp, which is the main "switchboard" that determines the function-to-string mappings. Meaning, when you do /msg gameserv store list armor, based on "/msg gameserv store" the gameserv() function passes off to do_store() from within the gameserv.cpp file.

Since the beginning, I've been dumping stuff into gameserv.cpp, knowing full well that the day would come for a complete overhaul, and that I was making it much harder on myself by not sorting things as I went. This is not to mention the fact that gameserv.cpp grew and grew, and it was the longest .cpp file to compile and transfer. This was never an issue for me until I started to use BVRDE (GREAT Remote IDE BTW). I noticed that any change I made to gameserv.cpp took forever to upload on even a cable modem (upstream sucks), so I had to do something.... read more

Posted by Domenic Datti 2007-01-24

Not dead yet!

I just wanted to let everyone know that GameServ development has not stopped, even though it may seem that way. I have been really busy lately, and without a laptop, it has been hard to find time for development.

I've recently started some code cleanup, though, to make it easier for myself and other people to make efficient use of time while coding. I'm separating a lot of the functions from gameserv.cpp into their own files so that the code base can be a little more modular.

Posted by Domenic Datti 2007-01-21

v1.3.4 Released

I'm happy to announce the v1.3.4 release of GameServ! Has it really been 3 years since I released the source code for GameServ on SourceForge? I can't believe how far it has come since the early stages of development. Thank you to all those who have supported this project and to those who have helped keep me motivated with bug submissions and feature requests!

This 1.3.4 release adds Vlife IRCD to the list of officially supported IRC Daemons. I also want to mention that I have added bahamut1.8.x to the list, and it's currently in the subversion archive waiting for 1.3.5 release :)... read more

Posted by Domenic Datti 2006-10-23

GameServ 1.3.3 Released!

This version introduces a lot of updates and fixes that came directly and indirectly from the users.

Inside the PHP directory, there are a few scripts that one might find useful for parsing through the players.dat file and injecting the data into a mySQL database. This can be run on a crontab for up to date data displayable via the web!

There are various bug fixes, including a few bugs with the dragon, a compile bug in FreeBSD 5.11, and a bunch of memory leaks.... read more

Posted by Domenic Datti 2006-03-27

v1.3.2 Released!

I'm happy to announce GameServ-1.3.2 after some stagnated development due to time constraints. I focused on two things in this release: Firstly, I made some vast improvements on the Player class, encapsulating most of the data members and forcing access via functions. Secondly, I fixed a lot of major and minor bugs that were submitted via the forums at If you do have any bugs to report, please do it there!

Posted by Domenic Datti 2006-03-06

v1.3.0 Release

Well it's done.. the 1.3.0 official official release. I released 1.3.0 yesterday; however, I forgot to include the store.dat file in with the distribution. It might take a bit to propagate through the distribution servers, but the CVS version should be up to date in a few hours since I hadn't even commited the file yet :( Sorry for the confusion, folks... hope you weren't too discouraged :P

Posted by Domenic Datti 2005-09-15

New Item and weapon system

I have put a full description of the new item and weapon system that I am developing now here:

Feel free to chime in, but you have to register a forum name.

Posted by Domenic Datti 2005-06-20

v1.2.6 Released!

Read the release notes for specifics on this release. This is an early release, and has not been significantly tested, but it's stable as far as I've tested. The new dragon fighting idea is in effect, so be careful how powerful your player is when you fight the dragon. If you get stuck on a tough dragon, delete the currentdragon.dat file and restart gameserv.

Posted by Domenic Datti 2005-06-15

Website down, now back up

Well, a while back, a guy nicknamed DeMiNe0 built me a website with phpBB. It was awesome... some kind of green template with a lot of bells and whistles. He had the website hosted at FDCservers, but due to reasons out of the scope of this news item, the server had to be taken down, so he asked for the hard drive to be mailed to him; however, they sent the wrong one, and they must have misplaced the other one, because they said they don't have any more to send. Anyway, the old format is lost, and I don't think he has the time to commit to redoing the page again... sad, because anything I do is never going to compare.... read more

Posted by Domenic Datti 2005-06-03

New Homepage

Well, I'd like to thank DeMiNe0 over at for starting the official gameserv web page/forums. You can get there by clicking the home page link off the project page, or by going to Please go there instead of the forums here for support requests, etc...

Posted by Domenic Datti 2005-04-03

Gameserv 1.2.4 released!

I have released version 1.2.4 of gameserv today, and I'm very excited about it since I let development stagnate over the past 6-8 months to the point of almost inactivity. I have include a lot of changes from early 2004 as well as some of the most recent changes from the past couple of weeks.


Posted by Domenic Datti 2005-01-20

Rewriting of gameserv

I'm thinking about completely rewriting most of the gameserv engine due to some spaghetti code and pointer issues. I am probably going to get rid of the template functionality of the list class, because that has caused more problems than anything. I also want to rewrite the fight functions to be more robust.

All in all, this will be a good thing for gameserv, as development has kind of stagnated.

Posted by Domenic Datti 2004-10-20

A GameServ v1.2.1 Feature

The feature that allows for you to set an entire server on ignore is only available for Hybrid type servers so far. I just haven't put the code in for the others. P10 will probably be the last.

Posted by Domenic Datti 2004-04-26

Gameserv v1.2.1 Released

Just to let you all know, I released v1.2.1 today! Check out the new changelog :) I enjoy seeing over 60 downloads, folks... thank you!

Posted by Domenic Datti 2004-04-26

v1.2.1 Up for release soon

GameServ v1.2.0 Contains an unfortunate bug in the player fight scheme that seriously affects the gameplay: All fights crash gameserv. This is already fixed, and will be in the next release. Of course, you can always download the latest cvs copy by following those instructions via sourceforge.

Posted by Domenic Datti 2004-04-12

GameServ v1.2.0 Released

I have released v1.2.0 due to the many bugfixes and features that I coded last night. Read the release notes for more information, or download and read the Changes file.

Posted by Domenic Datti 2004-04-06

Gameserv v1.2.0 up for release

I have recently implemented the hashing scheme with the other developers help. I am interested to see how well it will work on a larger network.

The way the player/clients list are made:

There are two arrays of linked lists. Each element in the array is an entire linked list. So, for the clients array, it is hashed by nickname, meaning we use the nickname to get the element in the array corresponding to the linked list that person is in.... read more

Posted by Domenic Datti 2004-04-06

New release 1.1.9!

I have decided to release what is finished so far since the last 1.1.8 release. There are a few bug fixes and a few new features/config file directives.

The beginnings of an end monster are in progress, and once that is finished, I will move the game out of Alpha completely and into beta/production.

The next release will include a hashing algorithm for faster nickname searches on bigger networks, and hopefully the end monster routines!

Posted by Domenic Datti 2004-04-02

New Release 1.1.7!

Thank god I've gotten some time to code more! The new release 1.1.7 hopefully will make a few people happy. I sure am! GameServ now works on Undernet IRCD, but it still has some cosmetic issues. These issues should be worked out in the next release.

Posted by Domenic Datti 2004-02-11

ircu 2.10.11.x P10

I have begun to add undernet's p10 protocol to gameserv so that it may be linked to networks using their ircd. It's a strange, but interesting protocol, and it's proving to be a nuisance. I will get through it though, then I can move on to finishing the monsters and all.

Posted by Domenic Datti 2004-02-09

Not dead yet

I am not sure if anyone is actually reading these, but I just wanted to assure whoever is that GameServ development is NOT dead. The CVS is actually updated code on top of the latest release already, but development has taken a back seat to other affairs in my life. Until school begins again on the 20th, I don't see much hope for any releases. I will be waiting until then (when I have a lot more time to code) to make more updates to GameServ.

Posted by Domenic Datti 2004-01-13

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