#1 GPG Integration -- key/UID requirements


In trying to use interoperate with a WinJab client
user, with both of us trying to use GPG/PGP, I see that
Gabber is doing a GPG key lookup with a key made up of
the Jabber ID and the resource. Is this correct behavior?

Jabber ID is: myname@jabberhost.mycompany.org
Resource is: WinJab

The key that GPG is asked to find for encryption
purposes is: myname@jabberhost.mycompany.org/WinJab

This surprised me. Though it is easy to add a
per-Resource UID to my key, might it not be better to
do the lookup first with the Resource appended, and
then, on failure, lookup again without the Resource?

Unless having a resource as part of the key is required....

Gabber is a great client. Nice work.


  • Brandon

    Brandon - 2001-05-22

    Logged In: YES

    No, that is not how it behaves. It keeps track of the
    keyids for each jid that it has received a signed/encrypted
    message or presence from and passes they keyid to gpg.

  • Clay Haapala

    Clay Haapala - 2001-05-22

    Logged In: YES

    Perhaps what I was seeing is how it behaves when Gabber is
    asked to encrypt a message for a jid whose presence isn't
    signed, then. The output I was looking at was from a cerr
    output I added just above the try/catch code in
    MessageManager::send_message() and is what m.getTo() returns
    at that point in execution.

    Oh, and what got us started on this was that WinJab, on the
    other side, doesn't show my Gabber presence as being
    signed. I'm running 0.8.3 over GPG 1.0.5 on a Mandrake 8.0


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