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Gabber 0.8.8 Released

A new version of Gabber has finally been released. This version features a GNOME2/KDE status icon, an updated XML parser, nickname highlighting in group chats, and other bug fixes. For more information see the NEWS and ChangeLog. To download, you should probably look at

Posted by Julian Missig 2003-05-24

Gabber 0.8.7 Released

A new version of Gabber has been released. In this version, the Jabber library Gabber uses, jabberoo, has been updated to the latest version of the Jabber XML parsing library, libjudo. This fixes many XML parsing crashes, such as searching's Jabber Users Directory and logging in and out of Jabber repeatedly. Gabber now supports invisibility, a new feature in Jabber which is currently only available on jabberd 1.4.2. Matthias Wimmer added support for SOCKS 4/5 and three types of HTTP Proxy. There are several other changes as well, be sure to see the NEWS or ChangeLog for more details.

Posted by Julian Missig 2002-02-18

Gabber 0.8.6 Released

A new version of Gabber has been released. This version is mainly a bug fix release, but it also features a new normal message dialog. It can be downloaded from the usual location, which is

Posted by Julian Missig 2002-01-08

Gabber 0.8.5 Released

This version of Gabber features many bug fixes to some critical issues such as crashes as well as non-critical issues dealing with message management. File transfer support is finally included, along with drag-n-drop support in many areas, and many translation updates.

Posted by Julian Missig 2001-11-13

Gabber 0.8.0 Released

Perhaps our most-improved and most-delayed release of all Gabber history is 0.8.0. We finally decided to release it. There are way too many new features and changes to list here, drop by the web site for more details.

Posted by Julian Missig 2000-12-16

Gabber 0.7.0 Released

The latest version of Gabber has been released. Please see the web site for more details.

Posted by Julian Missig 2000-08-03

Gabber 0.6.0 Released

Gabber 0.6.0 is now available for download! See for more information.

Posted by Julian Missig 2000-06-10

Gabber 0.5.1 Released

The GNOME Jabber client, Gabber version 0.5.1, which has many bug fixes and several minor new features over 0.5, was released today. This is the last release which will be using gtkmm 1.1.8, all future versions will require gtkmm 1.2.0 or greater.

Posted by Julian Missig 2000-05-06

Initial Public Release of Gabber

Gabber version 0.5 is the initial public release of Gabber: The GNOME Jabber Client. Gabber is a Jabber client for GNOME. Jabber is an Open Source instant messaging system which allows communication with other instant messaging systems, such as ICQ, AIM, Yahoo, MSN, and even IRC.

Posted by Julian Missig 2000-05-02

Gabber now in CVS

The Gabber & Jabberoo sources are now available via CVS on

Posted by Dave Smith 2000-03-27

Many things up and working

Messages and One-on-One chats are working, the roster is mostly working, preferences are somewhat working, we have right-click menus, login, etc. We seem to be almost ready for an 0.5 release.

Posted by Julian Missig 2000-03-26

Build System Done..Development Commences

Temas has finished up the build system and development will commence in earnest this evening.

Posted by Dave Smith 2000-02-01

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