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#27 Qlogic 2342: known issue?


Is there a known ongoing problem with support of Qlogic HBAs in g4l? In all the v.3x releases, I found that I had to disable them in BIOS or g4l would crash. I just tried v.42, and it booted successfully, but was spewing disk errors and couldn't detect link on any of the network interfaces (bnx, two ports are connected). I verified that no link was seen with ethtool.

I can use g4l to image the system disk(s) on systems with local storage, but my blades boot from SAN and it would be nice to be able to use g4l on those.


  • greyhairweenie

    greyhairweenie - 2012-07-24

    Additional info: the cards probably have HP firmware on them. BIOS reports them as HP Storageworks 1542 instead of Qlogic 2342. Linux reports them as Qlogic 2342.

  • Michael Setzer II

    I just looked at the kernel's .config file and all options for qlogic seem to be set.

    I was recently seeing some message on a grub list about EFI partitions, and have noted that that option is not set in the kernel .config file. I have rebuilt the 3.4.6 and 3.5.0 kernels with the EFI partition support set on, but have not yet made a new 0.43 image with these kernels.

    As for SAN devices, I don't have any access to these devices, but if you know of any kernel options that might need to be set to support them, I would be happy to build kernels with those options set..

  • greyhairweenie

    greyhairweenie - 2012-07-24

    We're not paying you nearly enough, Mike. ;)

    I'm turning up another config option: CONFIG_SCSI_QLOGIC_ISP, and there's some cryptic references to qlogic and isp in the boot messages, so it may be necessary to have that =y also.

    I don't know whether the bnx issue was related or not. That was with latest v.42 kernel. I turned off the Qlogics in the BIOS and backed off to v.40 default kernel, and got today's work done.

  • Michael Setzer II

    Where are you finding the CONFIG_SCSI_QLOGIC_ISP
    I don't see that option in the .config from
    Usually, the options are commented out and showing not set

    I looked at the qlogic site, and the page showed 2.4 and 2.6 drivers, but nothing for the 3.x

  • Michael Setzer II

    Also, looking at BNX shows

    cat .config | grep -i bnx

  • Michael Setzer II

    Did a search on CONFIG_SCSI_QLOGIC_ISP and it seems to only be in limited kernels?

    found in Linux kernels: 2.6.0–2.6.9

    Not sure why it is only listed for those, and why it doesn't have any of the later or 3.x listing?

  • greyhairweenie

    greyhairweenie - 2012-07-25

    Sorry, it looks like that reference to ISP support is ancient. I'm not a kernel hacker and didn't get the whole context.

    Digging further, I find
    Kernel Versions: ...
    (on/off/module) Qlogic FAS SCSI support
    depends on ISA && SCSI

            This is a driver for the ISA, VLB, and PCMCIA versions of the Qlogic FastSCSI! cards as well as any other card based on the FASXX chip (including the Control Concepts SCSI/IDE/SIO/PIO/FDC cards). 
            This driver does NOT support the PCI versions of these cards. The PCI versions are supported by the Qlogic ISP driver ("Qlogic ISP SCSI support"), below. "


    But it looks like the SCSI_QLOGIC_FC next referenced for Qlogic ISP chipset HBAs is out of date also. Then I found at Sourceforge an SCST Qlogic ISP driver
    which is good for 2.6.16 to 2.6.32 but recommends use of its successor

    On that page there's a howto link that calls for downloading firmware from Qlogic and source code from Sourceforge and hacking the whole mess into a kernel module setup. I think it's beyond the scope of your project if these variants of the Qlogic cards are the only ones that have an issue with g4l. I can probably hack something together with a Centos usb boot "disc". Centos has inherent support for the cards, and all I have to do is shove an image down a device.


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