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    Couple of questions. Are you booting from a CD or flash or other setup? The cd image uses syslinux 6.03, and that currently doesn't have support for the efi or uefi booting, so that would need to be turned off. The syslinux is working on a new version that is suppose to add efi/uefi support, but isn't released. Not sure if it is even trying to boot from the g4l, since the g4l would not have partitions 1 thru 7 on the cd or flash option. Does it come up with the g4l syslinux menu? If so, if you select...

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    The current version of g4l has about 15M of free space after the boot process with the 128M ram disk. For most things, that should be more than enough. There are currently no tmpfs in the boot process, and would not allow the system to work on systems with limited ram. One option that I have actually thought of with ddrescue option and the possible need for space beyond that. Some users required special firmware, so the image does have /lib/firmware that has large footprint of 60+M, but after the...

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    At some point sfdisk came out with a newer version, but the new one doesn't list the -x option at all?? So, looks like I missed that the update had caused the problem. The help on the old version was: sfdisk (util-linux-ng 2.18) Usage: sfdisk [options] device ... device: something like /dev/hda or /dev/sda useful options: -s [or --show-size]: list size of a partition -c [or --id]: print or change partition Id -l [or --list]: list partitions of each device -d [or --dump]: idem, but in a format suitable...

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    A few issues. Did a quick compare of the original .config file and your config file, and after filtering the comment lines, it seems to have about 202 lines that differ from set options. Some are obvious changing from the 32 bit to the 64 bit will have to check on many of the others. Did you just change the cpu setting, and the config option changed the others, are did you set some or all of the others? What is the refind tool? I am not familar with that tool or process? Did you build a new cd image...

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    Yes, for the regular version of backup using dd, the process is compatible. I've...

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    Using the dd command to copy images requires that the disk be the same size or destination...

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    Released after 68 alphas - mostly kernel upgrades and support programs. latest file...

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    I actually did something like this years ago. I have a kano PI device, and it came...

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