The rawmode and ntfsclone both do not allow for restoring to a smaller partition or disk than the original. The fsarchiver is suppose to allow for restoring to a smaller partition size, but is limited to the partition types that it supports, and in some tests I found it didn't include some features. I believe it works fine with windows, but had an issue with selinux issues on a linux system, but version 7 is still in beta.

Now, since g4l's bit level backup doesn't do on the fly resizing, You can use a slightly different process.

The method I would use.
1a. Do a disk image of the original disk before doing anything, so that any failure could be restored back to original.
1b. Do an mbrbackup2 and individual partition images to be able to restore.
Note: ntfsclone images are faster since that only copies used sectors, and you seem to be using windows.

  1. I generally use parted magic to resize the partition to the new sizes.

  2. Repeat steps 1a or 1b to have a new setup of backups with the new configuration.

4a. If you have disk images, you can use the disk image to restore, and it will setup mbr, partition table, and all partitions in one step. Note: if all the machine lots of machines, the udpcast options would allow you to send the disk image of one system to some or all machines in one step instead of doing it one by one. With disk images, it is a one step process.
4b. If you have partition images, you would need to do restore the mbrback2 (using mbrrstore2) first, and then restore the partitions.

Since it is a bit level image, going to smaller doesn't work. Some programs can resize on the fly, but they are usually limited to the specific file systems, but even then I've heard never versions don't work with vista or above?

Hope this helps, but if you have more specific questions, drop another message.