#79 Import with ANY XSLT


I missed the import with xslt (like export with xslt)

So I "copied" the ImportMindManager... and the result is a import with xslt that can be configured to use any xslt.

(seems to work currently)

I've attached the file. And am very sorry for the worse java copying... ;)

Hopefully someone can 'clean it up'.

The ImportXML.xml and the xml2mm.xsl are examples.
so e.g. for the xbel2mm.xsl (which is in there) we only need a ImportXBEL.xml and ready to import ;)



  • Joschi

    Joschi - 2007-08-31


  • Eric L.

    Eric L. - 2007-11-21
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  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    How do I install it? I copied the files to the directories and now?

  • Joschi

    Joschi - 2008-03-03

    Added jtidy

  • Joschi

    Joschi - 2008-03-03

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    Two things, when you've installed it there is a new MenuItem in "Files-Import-Import XML" which is only visible when you have a "new" mindmap. (Don't ask why...)

    That ImportWith XSL has only one example Xslt inside (the ImportXML) so you can visualize xml files in Mindmap.
    But I use that Plugin for e.g. the features (also here in the Forum) for XTM import or other formats to import.

    I also have attached the "new" version of it, because I also added jtidy (to import html).

    If there are any questions, just ask. ;) and give feedback how and if it works.
    File Added: ImportWithXSL.tgz


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