#6 Distinguish graphically folded node from bubble-styled node


I've added some new images to show, whether a node is
folded or not. I added a tree image, an image for a link
with a tree, an image for a mail with a tree and an image
for an executable with a tree.

Everytime a node is redrawn, the function
NodeView::update() checks whether there a child node
and whether they a folded. If this is true, then the
function show th corresponding tree image.

The source file
src/freemind/view/mindmapview/nodeview.java must be
patched with nodeview.diff.

This patch is tested with version 0.6.7 of freemind.



  • Christian Foltin

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    Dear active user,

    thank you for your patch. I would like to integrate it
    provided that you introduce the following little change:
    using the MindIcon possibility to add several images to the
    node, you can add your folded icon if the node is folded and
    leave the rest (mail or icons or whatever) to other parts of
    the code.
    I would like you to simply change the patch, such that if a
    node is folded, then the folded image "images/Folded.png"
    should be added to the iconImages with

    I'm looking forward to your changes,


  • Christian Foltin

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    Hi Matthias,

    as you might have seen, I've changed your realisation myself
    and put it into the actual release candidate for Freemind 0.7.
    But, honestly, I see some problems with your solution:

    * The icon does not change the color with the node, so
    even if you have only light gray nodes, there are these blue
    trees everywhere.
    * The nodes need more place (not much, ok).
    * It is not clear, whether to put the icon in front or
    at the back of the icons, on the left hand side, it should
    be on the right of the node and not within the icons.

    Thus, I've stolen your idea and realised the task on another
    way, which is sure also subject of discussion.
    Please, have a look at the actual CVS version and tell me
    your comments.


  • Matthias Schade

    Matthias Schade - 2003-12-28

    Logged In: YES

    Hi Christian,

    I think your realization in the actual release candidate ist quite okay.
    Only with linear or sharp linear edges it doesn't look fine as with bezier
    edges. But nevertheless everyone can now distinguish the folded
    nodes from unfolded ones.


  • Matthias Schade

    Matthias Schade - 2005-07-14
    • status: open --> closed-fixed

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