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First let me say this software is amazing and love it. I'd LOVE additional presentation features. If some of these exist, know of plugins/addins or know how to create them, feel free to comment because I'd love some additional appearance styles. It's great for gathering thoughts and would love to use the same software to use for documentation, presentations, tutorials, etc.

--structure styles-additional layout styles would be great- ie, tree left/right, map, spreadsheet, org structure, centering/left/right, center/top/bottom, fishbone, other ideas
--node styles-additional styles for parent/child/sibling nodes-ie, box, bubble, circles, rounded rectangles, rectangles, idea is for various shapes/structures for appearances/presentation - ie colors, fades, colors, transparencies, hatches, fading, hues, merging colors, etc
--line styles-additional styles for connections between nodes - ie, tapered lines, various dotted lines, thicknesses, colors as well as shapes besides basic linear and bezier, ie squared lines, rounded lines with various radius, patterns, blending, features to combine features from colors, fading, thicknesses, tapering, shapes
--background styles - ability to import pictures/patterns, fading, watermarks, customization features for creating your own backgrounds
--basically things to enhance appearance of the tool for professional and presentation type looks to enhance uses of the software


  • Redpen

    Redpen - 2014-07-08

    I agree 100% with this post. The software is great and a few more design features would be amazing. Everything listed above here are features included in other similar software, but I'd rather be able to use them in this program. I don't need a super pretty UI, but the design and structure possibilities for the maps themselves are important to me.

    Thanks for your work!

    Last edit: Redpen 2014-07-08
  • Riksoft

    Riksoft - 2015-03-28

    It would be great having top-bottom charts (org structure).
    It's the only reason I have to use the non open source Xmind. It's quite important to me because I can't visualize flow-charts-like projects without the org structure top-bottom.


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