#2 Separate note for a node, displayed upon request only


I would like to attach longer text descriptions to a
node that are not displayed in the map, but are only
displayed upon request. So the node name is
the "headline" and the attached text can give the
description. I know it's possible to use txt-files,
but that's not very convenient.



  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    I would also like this feature.
    Perhaps the nodes could have attributes?

    Mark Robbins

  • joerg feuerhake

    joerg feuerhake - 2003-01-20

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    you are right the possibility of further text with the node
    name should be modelled somehow

  • Daniel Polansky

    Daniel Polansky - 2003-03-11
    • summary: addition text noted at nodes --> Separate note for a node, displayed upon request only
  • David Todd

    David Todd - 2003-04-17

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    I would also like to see this, and other "properties", such as
    task management ones such as date due and completion
    status, might be helpful as well. However, the specific reason
    for wanting attached notes is that I would like to exchange
    freemind maps with pocket mindmap on the pocket PC. Long
    node labels don't work well on the small screen, so attached
    notes would be ideal (of course then the challenge would be
    how to exchange them between the two programs...)


  • Emmanuel Parrou

    Emmanuel Parrou - 2003-06-22

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    Attaching a text-note to a node is a very important feature for
    me too : it allows to make a map reacher and deaper without
    making its whole structure too complex !

  • joerg feuerhake

    joerg feuerhake - 2004-02-03

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    dito, it should behave like node-> headline,
    notetext->paragraph that'd be very useful. long-nodes are
    nicely editable but they do not seem to mirror the
    headline->paragraph concept ... as in html,ms word-outline,
    latex etc.

  • Eric L.

    Eric L. - 2005-12-04
    • status: open --> closed
  • Eric L.

    Eric L. - 2005-12-04

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    we think this feature has been implemented in FreeMind 0.8.0 (or
    sooner actually).
    So we close this feature request, if you don't agree, please feel
    free to reopen the item.

    Have fun,
    Your FreeMind Team


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