#190 Export to ontology formats (OWL, DAML)


FreeMind can benefit from interacting with established
ontology formats, such as OWL, DAML etc...
It can be usefull to be able to import existing ontologies
of resonable size and output mindmap to ontology
formats. I got used to FreeMind and don't like some
features of many ontologies editors.


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    OWL, DAML are text/xml formats?
    Let me know how they llook like, and I try to convert them
    via XSL Stylesheets...
    Jochen freemind@dh1jc.de

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    Hello, it's JCD talking in the box...

    I will just give a hint : there is an open source ontology editor made by
    the Karlsruhe University, maybe it will be possible to "connect" both the
    softwares :
    - keyword "KAON OI modeller"
    - access by "http://kaon.semanticweb.org/Members/motik/oimodeller"
    - another access by "http://touchgraph.sourceforge.net"

    I have noticed that the link of FreeMind with an interactive Graph Viewer
    like "touchgraph" has already been asked.
    Given that there are (if I am not wrong) three ways of representing
    knowledge, the list, the tree, and the graph, FreeMind could become a
    powerful KM tool, couldn't it ?

    See you.


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