This product is completely un-installable

  • Anonymous - 2007-10-24

    This product is completely un-installable, at least under linux.

    Only the most experienced admin user could possibly install it.

    Fix all the dependencies or else declare it beta software, do not publish it as complete!

    • Steven W. Vest

      Steven W. Vest - 2007-10-24

      I have been using this product for many years now on Fedora linux and have had no problems. You may wish to check to see if you have a java installation problem. Also, you should be more specific about the problems you are having, such as specifying the version of linux, the version of java you have installed, and the process you went through to install. The installation isn't perfect for linux, but it may be your problem lies in you linux configuration rather than with this product.

    • Ryan

      Ryan - 2007-10-24

      > This product is completely un-installable

      Well, it isn't actually.The gent who maintains the packages for Linux is aware that the installation situation is not ideal. And everyone wants this to improve (which it should do in the next version, as I believe a few licensing issues have been sorted which means distros can start including FreeMind in their repositories)

      > Only the most experienced admin user could possibly install it.

      Like Steven said, if you were more constructive people could help you. For the record I installed FreeMind as a complete Linux noob with patient help from the packager, and in the process I learned a lot about my new OS.  If you want to read that thread search for my username and 'Suse 10', if you really want to get FreeMind up and running download the platform-independent zip, unpack and execute or freemind.jar. However this should only be a temporary solution until 0.9 proper is released - then a proper rpm install can be performed.


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