Freemind 0.8.0 Aplha: New testversion

  • Christian Foltin

    Hi FreeMinders,

    we put a new testversion to the following directory:

    Start this version using the freemind.bat (or scripts.

    Most important changes are:
    * new layout
    * undo
    * several new exports (in particular two new HTML ones)
    * copy/paste of formats
    * automatic layout feature (I love it)
    * map internal links (Alt + L)
    * graphical links that can be rearranged and move using the mouse

    Thanks to Dimitri for his contributions.

    Well, as this is alpha software, expect severe bugs within. Please report these bugs here. We try hard to have a new  release of the same quality as the last.

    Moreover, some important features are still waiting for integration. Among others, there is a new help from Steve.

    Yours, Chris

    The change list is rather long:

    Changes made in Freemind 0.8.0:

    * From Koh (thanks): Standard Macintosh application use Command(meta) key based Keyboard shortcut. (ex. copy is Command(meta) + C). I think that mac version's freemind should allow to assign meta key based shortcut.
    * Bug fix:
    * Undo action added.
    * Added edit node to the undo-actions.
    * Added addNode/deleteNode to the undo-actions.
    * Added cut/paste/del to undo-actions.
    * no root folding.
    * Rearranged the menus.
    * Bug fix: icon selection can be canceled.
    * Plugins are now well distributed over the menus.
    * Blind icons to align the menus (in development)

    * NodeView selection mechanism refactored
    * Background color is changeable
    * Plugin for "change management" introduced
    * Now, TAB is usable for insertion of nodes. This is useful for Macs.

    * Unified JaxB usage
    * Transfer from plugin properties to XML started

    * Plugins are configured via XML now.
    * Checked menu items added.

    * Bold menu is now checked/unchecked if bold/normal

    * Plugins can have registration parts that are called at each map startup.
    * UnfoldAll is mouse wheel sensitive.
    * Folding can be undone (for children too).
    * Multiple move nodes is now possible + undoable

    * More undoables: Edge color, italic, underline
    * Format of new nodes is now automatically taken from the last format changes
    * Find has an icon, such that it is more visible.
    * There is a filter possibility for XmlActions
    * Selection corrected after execution of NodeHookActions.

    * Font family and font size are undoable now.

    * Changed several occurences of setFolded to the undoable method.
    * Added the help plugin
    * Changed the plugin class loader behaviour completely.

    * Splash screen added
    * Automatic layout layouted
    * NodeNote improved
    * Bug with zoomIn corrected

    * Application is more or less fit for Mac OS X

    * NewParentNode is working again and is undoable
    * ImportLinked... are messaging if the node is not correct (i.e. admits no link to another mindmap).

    * Node color action is undoable now.

    * Undo respects bundle of changes as a single change now.
    * Undo refactored.

    * Hooks are undoable now, tested with AutomaticLayout.

    //commented out: * Icons appear on the right side on the right side of the node.
    * More Undo: icon adding and removing and node blend action.

    * icon selection and other MindMapHooks (like unfold all) are undoable now
      (here, no undo- or redoaction are performed, the undo information is given by the actions
       the hook performs).
    * Apply patterns, edge width, edge style and node styles are undoable
    * Format copy introduced.
    * Cloud actions undoable. (Color treatment for new clouds is missing).
    * Arrows are undoable now (including color, remove, heads).
    * Icons improved, node background is editable now, strings extracted
    * NEW Add arrow link action added to insert menu.

    * Local hyperlinks enabled.
    * Link targets are shown in the status bar on mouse over.
    * Text of the status bar content improved.

    * Export to image reactivated. Export to clipboard added but not tested.
    * Export via XSLT revised. New HTML export added (java script version from Miika Nurminen, 12.7.2004. Thanks.
    * New HTML export added from Markus Brueckner. Thanks

    • david low

      david low - 2004-10-29

      Nice work Christian,

      A 'feature' I noticed during some testing is that when you move a node up or down either from the menu or using ctrl-up, ctrl-down, the map will shift to the lower-right section of the screen.  The move still works, but it is a bit off-putting.

      I am running it under Sun's new 1.5.0 version of the J2SE.

      Still looking but congrats on your work thus far,


      • koh

        koh - 2004-10-29

        Thanks Christian,
        I'm looking forward to release it.
        and I want to build 0.8 alpha myself.

        Could you tell me where is source code or CVS tag.
        I tried to build from CVS(fm_jython_merge_281004) but I look it is a little difference your publish one.


        • Christian Foltin

          Hi Koh,

          the branch is named

          Have fun,


          • koh

            koh - 2004-10-30

            Thanks Chris
            I'll try to build it soon.

      • Antonimo

        Antonimo - 2004-11-08


        I am using 0.8.0_alpha2 with j2re1.4.2_03 on Windows 2000.

        I have found that dragging the node back onto its parent node will place that node above the siblings.

        As I am often re-arranging sibling nodes, I have found this "work-around" to be much easier to use than Ctrl-up and Ctrl-down (which I used to use often).

        I like this "dragging" feature and I hope that it will remain in future releases.

    • Antonimo

      Antonimo - 2004-10-29

      Been using it all day - excellent work.

      One question - I read the instruction that says launch from the bat file, but is there any way to associate mm files with this release so that I can double click on a mm file and load it in 0.8.0?

      The association is currently with 0.7.1 (freemind.exe)

      Windows 2000 machine..

    • david low

      david low - 2004-10-31

      Hi all,

      More playing and noticed a bug with Graphical Links.  After I add a Graphical link to a map and save it, then when I go to re-open the map, it has been reset to a blank map.  It appears as all the data is in there, but nothing shows up in freemind apart from a new rootnode.  So far only after adding a Graphical Link.  Local hyperlinks are fine.

      By the way...Local Hyperlinks...sweeeet.  This will take my maps to the next level.


      • Antonimo

        Antonimo - 2004-11-03


        Have you found a way to open mind maps that had graphical links?

        I cannot open a map I created in 0.8.0 either in 0.7.2 nor by editing the file in notepad to remove the graphical link references because there is

        I have posted to the help forum ( and I am hoping for a reply.

      • Joseph Reagle

        Joseph Reagle - 2004-11-03

        The local links don't work between mindmaps do they? (For example, I want to link to a particular node in another mind map.)

    • Andre Jordan

      Andre Jordan - 2004-11-01

      Great work - thanks!

    • Bent Mřller Madsen

      Nice to see the progress and new features.

      Confirming the bug David Low mentioned regarding adding a graphical link to a map.

      When exporting to either png og jpg images if the last element to the right or left in the mindmap is a circle indicating that there are Child Nodes the circle will be cut of in the exported image.

      Even though Notes and Modifications Times are saved in the file they are not shown when the file is re-opened at a later time.


    • Christian Foltin

      Hi FreeMinders,

      remember, that the testversions are *BETA* or worse software, which I *expect* to admit such types of errors.

      Your job is now, to get these maps, that do not show anymore to me, such that
      a) I can repair them and
      b) I can see, where the error occurs.

      If this is due to the privacy of the maps not possible (although I guarantee not to distribute nor to save them), send at least the error message to me.
      This message has to occur in the Batchwindow you start freemind from the command line (i.e. execute a DosShell and start freemind.bat inside).

      Remember, your job donwloading a testversion is to send the bugs to me, but in the form suitable to deduce to source of the errors.

      Thank you,


    • Christian Foltin

      Hi FreeMinders,

      thanks for the response.
      There is a bug fix available under the testversions. This version should be able to open your maps.

      Be aware, that old 0.7.1 has this bug too, such that 0.7.1 opens the corrected 0.8 maps but is not able to store them properly again. I think we need a bugfix also for 0.7.1, or?


      • Daniel Polansky

        Daniel Polansky - 2004-11-05

        Hi Chris, whether we need a bug fix for 0.7.1 depends no how long the 0.8.0 alpha and by how many people will be used. The main thing is that upwards compatibility is granted; downwards compatibility is nice to have. Regards, Dan.

    • Antonimo

      Antonimo - 2004-11-04

      Been playing with 0.8.0_alpha2 all morning and it is working great. I shan't go back to 0.7.1 unless something major pops up.

      I use FreeMind with Windows 2000 - I have noticed the default keyboard mapping for changing the node's colour is Alt F which on my computer opens the File menu. I had become quite used to Alt C which is now used for the (excellent) new feature of "Copy Format"

      I have just created a "master" list of the default keyboard shortcuts together with a (partial) list of available shortcuts. If this is of any interst, where should I post it?

      • Christian Foltin

        Hi Antonimo,

        please publish your list in our wiki at a suitable place.
        Do you have a suggestion for the keyboard layout?


    • Joseph Reagle

      Joseph Reagle - 2004-11-05

      I always love to see a new version, but my main concern with FM is startup time, and the alpha1/2 increase it from 4s to 5-6! Is from the banner that pops up at startup! I'd prefer faster startup to something obscuring my screen! :)

      • Christian Foltin


        the startuptime has nothing to do with the splash screen.
        The time is consumed by the initialization of certain XML parsers needed by most of the new features.

        But I will try to reduce the time as there are several bugs in the startup of FM.


        • Joseph Reagle

          Joseph Reagle - 2004-11-06

          Great, thank you! I love using FM and wish it would pop up fast so I can use it to enter data/notes quickly.

    • Antonimo

      Antonimo - 2004-11-07

      - "Remember, your job donwloading a testversion is to send the bugs to me" - Chris

      I have just noticed that "accidentally" trying to add a new parent node when the Root node is selected causes the application to go into an indefinite "thinking" mode; the mouse cursor becomes and hour glass and stays that way.

      Another feature is that when adding a new parent node before a first level node on the right-hand side of the map, the entire branch is moved to the top left of the map. This occurs regardless of how many branches are already on the left-hand side.

      Adding a new parent node anywhere else seems to work just fine.

      • Christian Foltin

        Hi Antonimo,

        thank you. The bugs are fixed in the next version.


    • sampath krishna

      sampath krishna - 2004-11-08

      Re the icons window that pops up when you click the button next to Bold button -- can this be made nonmodal?

      This will allow you to not only sprinkle icons on different nodes all at once, but reduce mouse clicks...



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