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  • Nathan Kennedy

    Nathan Kennedy - 2002-04-09

    I have been watching this project off and on due to my overwhelming interest in good opensource projects.
    I would really hate to see this project die as it could be the means for doing a tremendous amount of good in the medical community.
    I'm not totally sure what I can do to help, but I will be installing this at home and looking at areas that have been flagged to be fixed.  I hope that everyone else can do the same and get this project going again.

    • Jakc Cahn

      Jakc Cahn - 2002-04-09

      I know of at least two "projects".  I have contracted with Jim Tarvid,
      tarvid@ls.net, to build me a working demo - this is happening.  Secondly, a T.J. Kilgore,
      tkilgore@direcpc.com, is also working on porting the source code from
      php which he does not feel satisfies HIPAA requirements.
      Contact either with suggestions.
      Jack Cahn MD
      Country Doctor

    • David Sibert

      David Sibert - 2002-04-09

      I am a newbe to this discussion but I have work as a MIS consultant for 2 doctors offices, 1 Rehab Clinic, 1 local Hospital in regards to finding holes in the existing software and EDI transactions per HIPAA requirements.  If you need help I would be open to work with you.

      David Sibert

    • Anonymous - 2002-08-19

      another newbe very interested in open source edi medical electronic claim application. what is the status of edi in this application?

    • John Denning

      John Denning - 2002-11-25

      Hi all,

      The end goal of this project makes perfect sense... as NO OTHER APP is as important to have under the GPL than the Electronic Medical Record.

      I'd like to help with this project.  My background is working for what is thought of as "the best" commerical EMR vendors.

      Send me a note... jfd9@cornell.edu


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