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FreeMED 0.9.0 GWT

The project switched from dojo because of problems with UI constraints and design problems.

Google Web tools ( has become the UI for FreeMED. A working demo may be found at We are most pleased with the change and with a nearly complete backend, development awaits a completion of UI. The billing portion of FreeMED, REMITT is in revision and provides a working billing system for medical offices.

Posted by Irv Buchbinder 2009-03-06

FreeMED 0.9 dojo alpha

This is a non production version in Alpha testing and through bugfixes. It is a considerable upgrade to 0.8.4 with separation of the UI and backend (an intended outcome). This was put up but not released generally in 2007.

Posted by Irv Buchbinder 2009-03-06

FreeMED 0.8.4

Stable version FreeMED in PHP. This version is still downloadable and useable. It was released in 2005.

Posted by Irv Buchbinder 2009-03-06

Version 0.8.0

The FreeMED Software Foundation is pleased to announce Version 0.8.0. It is yet another step forward for FreeMED. Included in this release are an upgrade (0.3) of REMITT the XML-XSLT billing system and a LIVECD, allowing the novice user to try and fly the system before actual upload.

i18n is also updated with a complete French and soon Japanese and Italian translations. Please, if you are a native speaker, review the translations and see if the language matches the action. ... read more

Posted by Irv Buchbinder 2005-09-30

FreeMED 0.8.0 and REMITT 0.3

On Monday September 12, 2005, version 0.8.0 of FreeMED is scheduled for release to the community. FreeMED is a computerized and electronic medical record as well as practice management system for medical practices and institutions. Along with the new version of FreeMED are updated versions of REMITT, the electronic billing package and phpwebtools, the toolkit for FreeMED. There is also a launch of a new homepage for FreeMED, located at . REMITT 0.3 is being released under the GPL instead of being dual licensed with the MPL to provide a greater range of license compatibility options to the community.... read more

Posted by Jeffrey Buchbinder 2005-09-12

FreeMED 0.7.1 and REMITT 0.1 released

FreeMED, an opensource EMR/PM system, has been released in conjunction with REMITT, an opensource electronic medical billing package. More information is available at and . They are both available for immediate download at

Posted by Jeffrey Buchbinder 2004-10-18

FreeMED v0.7.0 beta 3 released

The third of the betas in the 0.7.0 prerelease series of FreeMED has been released, and can be downloaded from the FreeMED sourceforge page as a Debian package or a tarball. Upgrades to 0.7.0 final should be seamless. This release offers many improvements and bugfixes over the previous versions. More information is available in the release notes.

Posted by Jeffrey Buchbinder 2004-03-26

Freemed v0.2.0 (Phoenix) Released

Version 0.2.0 (Phoenix) of the Freemed Project is now available at This release contains major bug fixes, UI improvements, and a move to GNU gettext for language support. It now requires phpwebtools ( as well as PHP4.

Posted by Jeffrey Buchbinder 2000-11-15

Freemed v0.1.2 (Bob) Released

Freemed v0.1.2 (Bob) has been released. It features major insurance and payment handling improvements, as well as a new Croatian translation and many other UI fixes. Check it out at

Posted by Jeffrey Buchbinder 2000-04-05

Freemed v0.1.2pre20000225 Developer Release

Freemed 0.1.2pre20000225 was released today. It is a developer release, as some tables may be in transition. It corrects a number of problems associated with 0.1.1, but will not be stable until the procedure/payment record management is improved. Grab it at or go to the freemed project homepage at

Posted by Jeffrey Buchbinder 2000-02-25

Freemed v0.1.1 Released

Freemed version 0.1.1 was released publicly on sourceforge today. It has two new databases, including an integrated authorizations database, and has support for internal/external status of physicians. This release has no name, as it is simply an update/bugfix for 0.1. All those using 0.1 should upgrade.

Posted by Jeffrey Buchbinder 2000-02-02