0.11.1 Release Notes

Mike Pope

FreeCol 0.11.1

The FreeCol team are sort-of pleased to announce the release of FreeCol 0.11.1. This is a bug fix release to clean up some annoying problems in version 0.11.0. All 0.10.x and 0.11.0 games should continue to work with 0.11.1.

We hope you enjoy FreeCol 0.11.1. Onward to 1.0.

The FreeCol Team

Common problems

On Windows in full screen mode multiple users have reported that the main window flashes or minimizes when a dialog pops up. This is BR#2729 and is discussed here. Thus far it appears to be a peculiarity of Windows Java. The easiest work around is to use windowed mode. A patch to work around this limitation would be really welcome.


Since the 0.11.0 release, 19 new bugs have been reported (excluding duplicates --- beware that Sourceforge appears to be slow to update bug lists and forums, leading to people making multiple submissions).

  • 4 are real bugs, and all are UI issues
  • 5 may or may not be bugs, more information is needed
  • 4 are probably fixed but waiting for comment
  • 6 are fixed

User-visible changes since 0.11.0

  • Improve claim dialog when owning native unknown, from KeplerBR
  • Added missing ability names and descriptions
  • Opening video window hanging around (BR#2721)
  • Prevent crashes on mods without specifications
  • Make popular support bonus really work
  • Combat bonus ordering was broken
  • Clear turn report messages before game reload (BR#2725)
  • Hudson was not working (BR#2723)
  • Improved command line argument error handling (BR#2717)
  • Colour selector was hidden and could not used more than once (BR#2727)
  • "Activate unit" offered for units you did not own (BR#2731)
  • Bolivar is now more Col1-compliant (BR#2724)
  • Added bell-accumulation-capped option to emulate Col1
  • Another attempt to avoid doubled goods price change messages in Europe
  • Update map controls on exit from colony panel (BR#2732).
  • Added an option to capture units under repair in a conquered colony
  • For the skillful players: added an option to disable "Buy Building"
  • Player path following would block on region changes in some old games
  • Tile popup now contains entries for unit state changes
  • Scouts can attack settlements again
  • More items in the turn report are now links
  • Add agrarian tribe training of Master Fur Trader (PF#64)
  • Added an option to zero the hammer count if the current buildable is changed
  • Distinguish unattended production in Colopedia terrain entries (BR#2734)
  • Added an option to limit customs houses to coastal colonies
  • Fix convert calculation (BR#2733)
  • Fix Veteran Soldier bonus order in combat (BR#2735)
  • Col1 compatibility for the fortification bonus (PF#63)
  • Initial provoking of natives bans missionaries (discussed BR#2377)
  • Added an option to allow disable equipping European recruits
  • Update equipped units in Europe (BR#2739)
  • Shorten REF sailing time in FreeCol rules
  • InformationPanel buttons use tile settlements
  • European goods trade works again
  • Crown no longer transports treasure trains if galleon available (PF#68)
  • Extra nation tags in predefined maps broke classic mode (BR#2728)
  • AI scouts and privateers explore the map, from Albin Stenström

Developer issues

  • We are moving towards requiring Java 7 as the minimum Java version.
    All new work should build warning-free on Java >= 7.

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