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fpdb 0.26 released

Hello everyone,
The new fpdb release 0.26 is now available for download as source or as packages/installers for Debian, Gentoo, Ubuntu and Windows. This version brings many improvements and bugfixes, we listed some of them later on. There was an error in the creation of the Windows installer, if you use Windows please download 0.26.1 instead of 0.26.

So... what is FPDB?

FPDB (Free Poker Database) is a free/open source suite of steadily growing tools to track and analyse your online poker game. FPDB is able to import the hand histories that poker sites write to your computer and to store additional data from each hand in a database for use in later analysis.... read more

Posted by Steffen 2011-08-04

fpdb 0.22 released

Hello everyone,
The new fpdb release 0.22 is now available for download as source or as packages/installers for Debian, Gentoo, Ubuntu and Windows.
This version brings many improvements and bugfixes. A quick word on our version naming: We have decided to stop using the usual alpha/beta/rc release system as it doesn't suit fpdb's development style and resources. From now on all releases are created equal (ie. considered "testing"). If they proof themselves we declare them "stable" and make them the default download on sourceforge. If you wish to be notified of new releases or stabilisation please subscribe to the fpdb-announe mailing list (see Links further down). Since this version has been available for some time we consider it stable and recommend all users to update.... read more

Posted by Steffen 2011-04-04

fpdb-0.21-rc1 released

Hello everyone,
The new release candidate 0.21-rc1 is now available for download as source or as packages/installers for Debian, Gentoo, Ubuntu and Windows.
This version brings many improvements and bugfixes, updating is recommended for users of snapshots. If you're using a stable version like 0.20 or 0.20.1 please consider trying this version and report any bugs, and in particular regressions, so we can fix them. There've been many many bugfixes and quite a few new features (details further down, download links at the end of this post).... read more

Posted by Steffen 2010-12-11

fpdb testing release 0.20.906

Hello everyone,
The new fpdb snapshot 0.20.906 is now available for download as source or as packages/installers for Debian, Gentoo, Ubuntu and Windows. We skipped announcing 0.20.905 due to a severe bug in the FTP support.

If you want to be notified of new fpdb releases by email please subscribe here:

We are still looking for translators! You can find information about the progress of translations here: read more

Posted by Steffen 2010-08-27

fpdb alpha9 - various updates

Hi everyone,
This is alpha9. Many changes have been made, virtually all of them by Ray, Eric and Carl, many of them in the HUD. There's also been quite a lot of work to clean up old code making it more flexible - this will pay off in the future because it makes things more maintainable and flexible. This version also supports PokerStars' new format which is being released on Monday.

Note that default.conf is no longer used, instead all configs are now made in HUD_config.xml (this includes options for fpdb's importer). Re-creating the database is not strictly required this time, but I'm not sure if people fixed potential importer bugs so it might be best to re-import anyways (in the main window select the Database menu and click re-create tables, then bulk import all your files again).... read more

Posted by Steffen 2008-11-10

fpdb alpha8 - important regression bugfixes

Here's alpha8 which only contains some important bugfixes for regressions.
If you're updating from alpha6 or earlier please recreate your tables using the database menu and reimport your histories. If you're updating from alpha7 you do not need to reimport.

Cheers, Steffen

Posted by Steffen 2008-10-17

fpdb alpha7: data corruption fixes, preferred seat on PS

Here's alpha7. The highlights:
- Various data corruption fixes in the importer and correct handling of all-in
- HUD now supports favourite seat on PS (see the wiki for how to set it up)
- Various other things and cleanups. Give it a go, any problems let us know :)

Existing users: Please recreate the tables using the database menu and then re-import all your histories.

New Windows users: Please use the installer to install fpdb's requirements (MySQL, python, etc.).... read more

Posted by Steffen 2008-10-15

fpdb alpha6 - Bugfix

Just released alpha6 with a couple of important improvements:
- The HUD now works with just the required library present (people for whom the HUD didn't load - this may have fixed it)
- The error messages are now saved into the file immediately, rather than being buffered and thereby often remaining invisible until one quits the program

Cheers, Steffen

Posted by Steffen 2008-10-04

alpha5: FTP HUD and the first graph

Hi everyone,
Here's alpha5. The highlights are that the HUD now works for FTP as well (cash games only) and there's a first graph.
I recommend you recreate your tables (click on it in the database menu) and re-import all your history files since a few import bugs have been fixed.

You can find the downloads here:
Please ensure to download alpha5 and not alpha4, sometimes it may take the mirrors a little bit of time to update.... read more

Posted by Steffen 2008-09-26

alpha4 - bugfixes

Hi everyone,
Here's alpha4. This version should now work if you only have the necessary SQL interface library (ie. mysql-python for MySQL backend, psycopg2 for PostgreSQL backend), though I have not been able to confirm this works with pgsql - please try and feedback :)
Additionally it now stores the maxSeats for FTP games, includes the HUD config that should've been in alpha3 and some other small things.... read more

Posted by Steffen 2008-09-17

Alpha3: Postgres support + usable HUD

A new release of fpdb has been uploaded to sourceforge. I think this is the first release that provides a usable HUD.

Make sure you get the alpha3 version, it might take a little while for the sourceforge mirrors to update. You can always get the up-to-the-minute files in the git tree.

What is in this release:

1. PostgreSQL support in both database and HUD. (MySQL still works.)
2. HUD supports Windows and Linux for all PokerStars cash games.... read more

Posted by Poker_ray 2008-09-16

alpha2: tourney and ftp support, Linux HUD

Hi everyone,
we are proud to announce the second alpha release of fpdb, the free/libre open source poker tracker. The biggest highlight is the HUD for Linux made by Ray (and perhaps Mac, not sure). But for everyone fpdb now also supports PS tournaments (SnG and MTT) and FTP ring games. There is also a new auto-importer though it currently only runs on one file per instance (though you can open multiple instances of fpdb).
Fpdb also parses alot of new situations into the cache table for the HUD, most of which are already available through the Linux HUD. There have also been a large number of bugfixes for all kinds of things. For more details please see the release notes in the download section or our website at read more

Posted by Steffen 2008-08-22

alpha1: better documentation, more data and options, faster

Hi everyone,
I am proud to announce the first alpha of fpdb. For details please see the release notes and the download. Also note that I dropped subversion and am now using the git tree at for development.

Please send your bug reports, requests and any other comment to or by one of the contacts listed in docs/readme-overview.txt... read more

Posted by Steffen 2008-08-11

svn78: tableview, improved import

In svn74-78 I made a tool called tableview that can be used to display the stats of the players who took part in a certain hand. The idea is to have it open next to the main poker window so you have a nice overview.
As of now it displays the VPIP%/PFR% of Preflop/3rd Street and Aggression%/Fold% of all other streets for all supported games.

Additionally there's been a many small improvements to the importer and its GUI including support for CapNL/CapPL games on FTP.... read more

Posted by Steffen 2008-07-13

svn61: Import GUI, Stud, automated testing

It now reads all but 2 of the 32000 hands I have in Holdem, Omaha Hi/HiLo, Razz and Stud Hi/HiLo from on PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker :)
Almost as importantly I now have a little script to compare what it actually imports to what it should import.

To make all this more accessible I also wrote a little GUI (basically an expanded GTK file chooser) that also allows importing whole directories and exposes all but the --quiet and --failOnError options of the importer (will include these shortly).
You'll need pygtk with dependencies, on the pygtk page there is an installer which includes them.... read more

Posted by Steffen 2008-06-30

svn52: Imports NLHE, Omaha Hi and HiLo on FTP and PS

Except for a few minor hitches that don't cause failure it's done. I tested it with a total of 36148 hands with just one error (svn52) but for some types (particularly non-holdem on PS) I only had very few hands.
Alot of basedata for different stakes will still be missing, if you get a tuple error related to gametypes just send me a quick mail.

Note that I haven't manually checked what it stores in the db for many hands, I'll do that once I wrote a script to automatically test.... read more

Posted by Steffen 2008-06-22

svn51: FTP LHE works, most glitches fixed

It now imports about 35k hands from FTP and PS in Razz and Limit Holdem. There's now also instructions for Windows. So if anyone is reading this, please test ;)

Posted by Steffen 2008-06-22

svn40: Pokerstars Limit Holdem import works.

Hi all,
it just imported 1785 of 1796 hands without error (though I only properly checked the result of 3 at this point). I also tested Razz on PS and FTP again and it still works :)
Next is cleaning up the remaining glitches, in particular preventing duplicates and fixing the irritating off by 1ct error. The 11 failed hands were due to a player with a $ in his name, that is also coming soon. The whole importer is still only about 45kb source, including comments.
Last but not least Graphity also wrote some skeleton code for a GUI.... read more

Posted by Steffen 2008-06-16

svn24: Importing razz on FTP/PS done (call for testers!)

A complete rewrite and many hours later I now consider the Razz importer essentially finished. There's half a dozen or so smallish quirks (see site_support.txt) waiting to be fixed but with the rewrite this will be quite easy. I think I read that last sentence in a book titled "Last words of programmers before going nuts"..
Anyways, I tried 75 PS hands and about 6300 FTP hands and all but 7 import successfully. Speed is also well within reason, see benchmarks.txt... read more

Posted by Steffen 2008-05-20

svn6: it imported the first hand :)

Just committed svn6 and it now successfully imported a hand into the PostgreSQL database :D
That hand can be found in hand-histories-public/ftp_razz_normal_hand.txt.
It takes under 0.2s on my system (Athlon64 1.1GHz/1GB RAM/Hardened Gentoo-2.6.23) which I find completely acceptable. However, if you look at the code, I think there's HUGE gains to be made.
But first I need to expand on it to cover all the "special" cases like split pots, all ins and empty seats.... read more

Posted by Steffen 2008-05-09