#274 Unable to build SqlStoreManagerLib

FlexWiki v2.0
build (4)

The build system as it is currently configured does not appear to have a way to create a new release build of the SqlStoreManagerLib.dll which is referenced by the GUI and Console app tools for creation of a new SqlStore.

The local debug build of the dll appears to work correctly.


  • Craig Andera

    Craig Andera - 2008-02-14

    Logged In: YES
    Originator: NO

    The build script is driven off of FlexWikiCore.sln. Whatever is in the solution will get built, and whatever isn't, won't. It doesn't look like any of SqlStoreManager* are in FlexWikiCore.sln right now. Is that the problem?

  • Craig Andera

    Craig Andera - 2008-02-14
    • assigned_to: candera --> jwdavidson
  • John Davidson

    John Davidson - 2008-02-14

    Logged In: YES
    Originator: YES

    There are 3 components. SqlStoreManagerLib which is a dll, and SqlStoreManagerGUI ans SqlStoreManagerConsole that are exe with a dependency on the dll. None of these components are in FlexWikiCore.sln. They do not use any dll that are created in FlexWikiCore.sln at this time.

    If I move these 3 components into FlexWikiCore.sln and do a forced build would it work correctly? As an aside, why does the local debug build work correctly, but the release build not?


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