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This package brings the emacs-w3m package from the 10.4 dist for 10.7. It also packages up the version from CVS, which contains fixes needed for it to work with emacs 23 and 24. I'm hosting this off my dropbox account, and it would be nice if it could be mirrored.

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  • Malcolm Purvis

    Malcolm Purvis - 2013-06-10

    Corresponding patch file.

    This has been tested on 10.8 with emacs 23 using fink -m.

  • Hanspeter Niederstrasser

    Thanks for the submission. Couple questions:

    1. How did you come up with version 1.4.471?
    2. Which autoconf did you use to generate the autotools?

    The versioning is important because if 1.4.5 ever comes out, dpkg believes that to be less that 1.4.471.

    Looks fine otherwise I think.

  • Hanspeter Niederstrasser

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  • Hanspeter Niederstrasser


    Did you get a chance to look at the above questions? They're the only things I can see right now keeping emacs-w3m from the 10.7/8 tree.

  • Hanspeter Niederstrasser

    Malcolm, what is the status of this item?

  • Hanspeter Niederstrasser

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