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if I start fink and hide the window, it's nice to get Growl-style messages when packages build.

One that would be nice, though, is knowing when the "Do you wish to continue? [Y/n]" messages pop up.

Ideally, the notifier plugin wouldn't get notified until after a short delay (so that you don't get notifications while you're trying to respond), but that isn't a big deal - Growl lets you turn off certain notifications, and I'm sure the others do, too.


  • Christian Schaffner

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  • Christian Schaffner

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    This looks more like a feature request. Moving it there.

  • Daniel Macks

    Daniel Macks - 2007-02-26

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    It would be easy to add a notifier hook for "Fink needs your attention" into the low-level prompt mechanisms (so you also get it for "download failed, what mirror to try next?"). Maybe have it appear only if there is no default-selection timeout? Having it only appear after "a short time" is a bit harder, since we only have one easy timeout timer and it's already in use (for the default-selection timeout). There are ways of doing multiple timers, but not as easy. Or could maybe fork the notifier "with a built-in delay" and then kill it after the selection is made, but that's pretty ugly.

  • Charles Lepple

    Charles Lepple - 2007-02-27

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    > Maybe have it appear only if there is
    > no default-selection timeout?

    Sure, sounds good. I guess the notification could be triggered regardless of the timeout, but I don't know if that would be too much noise with non-Growl notifiers.

    I only mentioned the "ideal" case on the off-chance it was easy to add another timer. If not, no big deal.


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