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Fish Fillets 1.0.0

What is new:
* Dutch spoken dialogs for all levels (by Astrid de Wijn and friends).
* Disallowed a move, to be consistent with the original Fish Fillets.
Pushing of partially supported objects is disallowed.
The object has to be supported by a wall or by a fish
who isn't directly under it.

You could switch back to the less restrictive rules
by using "strict_rules=0" config option.
Thanks Brian Raiter for reporting the discrepancy.
* Provided music looping without fading (by Brian Raiter).... read more

Posted by Ivo Danihelka 2010-12-23

New release - fillets-ng 0.9.0

Fish Fillets NG - 0.9.0
* Level 'linux' (by Mirek Olsak).
* Level 'electromagnet' (by Stephan Barth).
* Embedded intro video (thanks to Mirek Olsak).
* Faster undo (hold -) (thanks to Mirek Olsak).
* Redo (hold +).
* Czech spoken dialogs for level 'keys' (thanks to Mirek Olsak).
* Updated Bulgarian translation (by Damyan Ivanov).
* Updated Swedish translation (by Olov Gustavsson).
* Enhanced graphics for the NG levels (by Fank Skalicky).

Posted by Ivo Danihelka 2009-06-30

New release - fillets-ng 0.8.0

Fish Fillets NG - 0.8.0
* Undo (on key '-')
* Five extra levels (by Mirek Olsak)
* Slovenian translation (by Marko Burjek)
* Brazilian Portuguese translation (by Ricardo Faria)
* Russian translation (by Leonid Myravjev, Maria Antropova, Gregory Bonik)

Posted by Ivo Danihelka 2007-12-22

New release - fillets-ng 0.7.0

Fish Fillets NG - 0.7.0
* Italian translation
* Polish translation
* correction of English dialogs
* step counter color depends on active fish
* options menu is refreshed when lang is changed
* added menu to choose speech ("cs" or "none")
* enabled speech=cs as default
* fixed fullscreen on win32
* updated halloffame score (thanks to many)

Posted by Ivo Danihelka 2005-06-01

New release - fillets-ng 0.6.0

Fish Fillets NG - 0.6.0
* 24 new levels + final level
* better mouse support - see How to Play
* menu tooltips
* level help on F1
* hall of fame integration for pedometer
* intro.avi as a separate file (
* complete French translation
* complete German translation
* fbcon support
* win32 binary package

Posted by Ivo Danihelka 2004-10-10

New release - fillets-ng 0.5.0

What's new
- removed libboost dependence
- options menu on F10
- 19 new levels
- credits
- initial German translation
- some new options, see man page

Download from

Posted by Ivo Danihelka 2004-08-11

New release - 0.4.0

Fish Fillets NG - 0.4.0
What's new
* 19 new levels
* French translation
* pedometer counts moves
* reworked font rendering
* F5 key to show/hide level move counter
* Shift key for faster game
* wavy background
* changed install method, see README

Posted by Ivo Danihelka 2004-07-08

French translation started

Frederic Panico <fratloev[at]yahoo[dot]fr> started French translation. Some
level dialogs and How to Play are done.
New translators are welcome!


Posted by Ivo Danihelka 2004-06-29

Mandrake packages

packages for Mandrake 10.0
packaged by David Black
download from Download section

Posted by Ivo Danihelka 2004-05-31

Debian packages

Packages fillets-ng and fillets-ng-data are available from
deb ./

Thank Michal Cihar for packaging.

Posted by Ivo Danihelka 2004-05-18

New major release - 0.3.0

This release brings really big improvements.

What is new:
- game world map
- save/load (F2/F3)
- two new levels
- two animated videos
- optional controls with spacebar and arrow keys
- How to Play manual

Posted by Ivo Danihelka 2004-05-10

New release of Fish Fillets NG

After two weeks of work there is new release fillets-ng-0.2.0

Six complete levels.
Animation and dialogs are included.

Controls has changed:
small fish ... ijkl
big fish ... wasd
BackSpace key is used to restart level.

Posted by Ivo Danihelka 2004-04-22

FreeBSD is supported

CVS version of Fish Fillets NG is ready for FreeBSD.
It was successfully compiled and played on FreeBSD.

Posted by Ivo Danihelka 2004-04-04

First Linux pre-alpha version

Fish Fillets - Next Generation uses complete new C++ code.

There is prebuild binary with data files,
it requires only libSDL, libSDL_mixer, libSDL_image.
It contains datafiles for one level.

small fish ... arrows
big fish ... keypad (4568)

Posted by Ivo Danihelka 2004-04-02

Fish Fillets released under GPL

ALTAR interactive released Fish Fillets under GPL license.

Fillets (36 MB) - 12 MB zip file
- original source code for Delphi 3.0

ffinstallation.exe (276 MB)
- binary distribution for win32

REdit (233 MB) - 66 MB zip file
- level editor with all levels

Sound (256 MB) - 228 MB zip file
- raw sound (czech speech)

Posted by Ivo Danihelka 2004-04-02

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