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ffmpeg-php 0.4.4 released

version 0.4.4
New Features:
* Added ability to create animated gifs via new ffmpeg_animated_gif class.
* Fixed ffmpeg_frame constructor to allow creating ffmpeg_frames from gd images. This allows to make animated gifs directly from a series of gd images. I believe this is currently the only way to make animated gifs using PHP since the bundled version of gd does not support animated gif creation.
* Added flag to php.ini to allow server admins to disable persistent movies since injudicious use of persistent movies in scripts can eat up server resources quickly (tkirby)
* Added frame->isKeyFrame() and movie->getNextKeyFrame() methods (tkirby)
* Now displays ffmpeg-php ini values in php_info() table... read more

Posted by Todd Kirby 2005-06-29

ffmpeg-php 0.4.3 released

* Added ability to open movies as persistent resources. This greatly increases speed of repeately accessing the same movie from separate php scripts (as when pulling each frame as an image on a webpage). (tkirby)
* Track frame number within ffmpeg-php since ffmpeg's decoder context seems to give inaccurate frame number on some 3gp movies. (tkirby)
* Fixed bug #1099229 - Stride problems if ffmpeg_frame is resized upwards (tkirby)
* Functions now use safe_emalloc() to avoid possible integer overflows (tkirby)
* Changed lrint() to a macro to allow compiling on Windows. (tkirby)
* Increased strictness of compiler warnings to catch issues like undefined symbol errors. (tkirby)
* Fixed undefined symbol errors some people were seeing.
* Fixed error handling when ffmpeg_movie object creation fails (tkirby)

Posted by Todd Kirby 2005-03-14

ffmpeg-php 0.4.2 released

This is mainly a maintenance release. Many small fixes and cleanups have been made and a few new methods have been added for getting metadata from mp3 files.

Posted by Todd Kirby 2005-02-05

ffmpeg-php 0.4.1 released

New getVideoCodec, getAudioCodec, and getAudioChannels methods were added along with a constructor to create an ffmpeg_frame object from a GD image. Incorrect error reporting was fixed in get_decoder. A nasty memory leak in free ffmpeg_frame was fixed along with many code cleanups.

Posted by Todd Kirby 2005-01-09

ffmpeg-php-0.4.0_alpha released

Reworked API to make it more object oriented and make objects more scriptable. This cleans up the interface and make future encoding support possible. This version also fixes a major bug in duration calculation that was causing incorrect frame counts to be returned. See the changelog for details.

Posted by Todd Kirby 2004-12-25

ffmpeg-php-0.3.8_alpha released

Minor bug fixes and better ebuild instructions.

New Features:
* Added getFrameIntoImage() function to reuse the same gd image for multiple calls for speed

Bug Fixes:
* Fixed bug in getFrameResampled() argument parsing (tkirby)
* Fixed broken alias for getBitRate() function (tkirby)
* Fixed memory leak in gd image allocation function (tkirby)

Posted by Todd Kirby 2004-12-16

ffmpeg-php-0.3.7_alpha released

ffmpeg-php-0.3.7_alpha adds support for PHP5, a better ebuild and some minor bugfixes.

Posted by Todd Kirby 2004-12-08

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