ffmpeg-php 0.4.4 released

version 0.4.4
New Features:
* Added ability to create animated gifs via new ffmpeg_animated_gif class.
* Fixed ffmpeg_frame constructor to allow creating ffmpeg_frames from gd images. This allows to make animated gifs directly from a series of gd images. I believe this is currently the only way to make animated gifs using PHP since the bundled version of gd does not support animated gif creation.
* Added flag to php.ini to allow server admins to disable persistent movies since injudicious use of persistent movies in scripts can eat up server resources quickly (tkirby)
* Added frame->isKeyFrame() and movie->getNextKeyFrame() methods (tkirby)
* Now displays ffmpeg-php ini values in php_info() table

Bug Fixes:
* Fixed parsing of 'persistent' boolean flag in ffmpeg_movie constructor
* Fixed segfault when a script tries to read more frames than exist in a movie. (tkirby)
* Patch to use native time bases. This allows building against libavcodec build 4754 (Steve Brown)
* Patch to correctly init gd before attempting to fetch gd image resources. This fixes the "togdimage() supplied resource is not a valid Image resource" error that a few people have reported (Steve Brown)

Posted by Todd Kirby 2005-06-29

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