#24 New version of updated mixer plugin(1.5-6)

Unstable (example)

This patch is a new version of Alexandre Pereira da
Silva's mixer plugin. The new version looks much like
gnomes mixer applet therefore it also requires the
gnome icon theme, on ubuntu they are in the
gnome-icon-theme package, other icons could be used.
I've included the icons in the attached tarball with
the patch, in case someone needs them. In my case(I'm
using hicolor as default icon theme) they should be
placed in /usr/share/icons/hicolor/24x24/stock/media/.
The patch should be applied against current
cvs(07-jun-05). For the moment the device is bound to
/dev/mixer which should change in the future together
with detection of panel size and location of the
panel(eg. right now it doesn't work if it's in the top
of the screen)


  • Andreas Dalsgaard

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    I've uploaded a new version of the mixer plugin featuring:
    Now the panels position(which edge) doesn't matter
    The device can now be configured(/dev/mixer is default), e.g.

    Plugin {
    type = mixer
    config {
    device = /dev/mixer1

  • Andreas Dalsgaard

    • summary: Updated mixer plugin --> New version of updated mixer plugin(1.5-6)

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