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fbpanel 4.12 released

fbpanel 4.12 released

Posted by Anatoly Asviyan 2007-07-31

fbpanel 4.10 released

fbpanel 4.10 released

Posted by Anatoly Asviyan 2007-07-13

svn is on, cvs is off

for the last year I used to use berliose svn for fbpanel development. I hesited where to move - or move tracker to berlios and close sf site, or instead move svn to sf.net and say good-buy to berliose. the desicion - I am staying at sf.net and taking here svn

Posted by Anatoly Asviyan 2007-04-21

www was rewriten

I have rewritten www. Plugins section now looks really shiny. In addition, site got its own favicon - nice red star :-)

Posted by Anatoly Asviyan 2007-04-21

fbpanel-4.8 released

fbpanel-4.8 released

Posted by Anatoly Asviyan 2007-04-16

fbpanel-4.5 release

fbpanel-4.5 release

Posted by Anatoly Asviyan 2006-09-17

fbpanel 4.1 released

This release brings GUI configuration utility. It takes care of all global settings and for now preserve plugin section as is. Additionally, version 4.1 has fixes for memory leaks in taskbar and transparency bugs

Posted by Anatoly Asviyan 2004-12-23

fbpanel 3.12 released

context menu in taskbar

Posted by Anatoly Asviyan 2004-10-13

fbpanel 3.11 released

this is bug fix release. here is a ist of fixed bugs
* fixed [ 940441 ] pager loose track of windows
* fix for "996174: dclock's 'WARNING **: Invalid UTF8 string'"
* config file fix
* fix bg change in non transparent mode
* enable icon only in taskbar
* ensure all-desktop presence if starting before wm (eg openbox)
* wincmd segfault fix

Posted by Anatoly Asviyan 2004-10-12

fbpanel 3.8 release

It features clean compile/linkage with latest gtk+ 2.4.x, minor bug fixes and initial transparency support

Posted by Anatoly Asviyan 2004-06-02

fbpanel 3.5 released

This release add menu plugin, drag-n-drop for launchbar.
Additionally, limit on task size in a taskbar was removed

Posted by Anatoly Asviyan 2004-04-15

fbpanel 3.4 released

this release fixes linkage problem on gtk 2.2.x, fixes strut problem. additionally it fixed launchbar segfault on wrong config file

Posted by Anatoly Asviyan 2004-04-10

fbpanel 3.2 released

new packaging/Makefile system with ./configure support
improved systray and pager plugins

Posted by Anatoly Asviyan 2004-03-31

fbpanel was ported to GTK2+

New version 3.0 is first to work with GTK2. It is stable and eats 2-4% CPU. All plugins were also ported to GTK2 and fully supported. Enjoy

Posted by Anatoly Asviyan 2004-03-20

fbpanel 0.11 is released

this release introduced *real* step into NETWM compliance world. version 0.11 was tested with both openbox and sawfish and showed good results.
Take it and enjoy it :-)

Posted by Anatoly Asviyan 2003-02-17

making new web page

hi all, I've started to redesign fbpanel's web page.
the draft version can be found here
Have a look... and tell what you think

Posted by Anatoly Asviyan 2003-02-03

fbpanel got new home at sourceforge

sf web site is ready. CVS, download are are coming soon.

Posted by Anatoly Asviyan 2002-10-31

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