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ezim-1.1.5 Released!

This is an improvement release. The ACK protocol was modified for better conformance. User manual is updated to reflect changes done in prior versions.

Since changes made in the ACK protocol may yield to incompatibility with prior versions, all users are recommended to update to this latest version.


Posted by Agon 2009-04-16

ezim-1.1.4 Released!

This is another improvement release. Changes made include support for multihomed hosts and Italian translations (thanks to joker joker).

For multihomed hosts, we can now specify the local IP, which is derived from the corresponding network interface, for EZIM to use in the preference window. IPv6 support is also added along with multihomed host support. However, since we don't have a router which supports IPv6 on the LAN side, things have not been tested thoroughly and your feedback will be greatly appreciated.... read more

Posted by Agon 2009-03-18

ezim-1.1.3 Released!

This is an improvement release. Changes in this latest version include a case-insensitively sorted contact list, multiple local address support, and directory memorization for file dialogs.

Please take time to have a look. Your feedback will be very appreciated.

Enjoy!!! And Happy Valentine's Day!

Posted by Agon 2009-02-13

ezim-1.1.2 Released!

This is a bug fix release. A number of corrections are made since last version, data manipulation is improved, error handling is strengthened, and Portuguese translation is added (many thanks to Raphaneto Firmino).

While no protocol change means ezim-1.1.2 should be compatible to prior releases, all users are recommended to upgrade for its improved stability.

Please take time to try it out and tell us how you think about it.

Posted by Agon 2009-01-20

ezim-1.1.1 Released!

This is an improvement release with, as always, some minor issues fixed. Along with that, Spanish language support is added (thanks to Jose Miguel Diez de la Lastra for the actual translations), reply message quote format changed (thanks to katzul for the suggestion), and sound effect supports are implemented (thanks to pcci for the reminder).

While this latest should be fully compatible with the previous version (1.1.0), users are still recommended to upgrade for those new features and changes made to maximize their experience with ezim.... read more

Posted by Agon 2008-12-16

ezim-1.1.0 Released!

This is a minor version release of ezim, as opposed to the typo we made during the previous release. Bugs are fixed and minimal error logging is added... finally. *phew*

In addition to the program itself, we have also modified the user manual (which is merely a text file) to reflect things which are added or changed.

Please take some time to try out this latest release and don't forget to give us some feedback in either the forums or the bug tracker.... read more

Posted by Agon 2008-10-31

ezim-1.0.3 (1.1.0 RC1) Released!

This is another major version's release candidate, meaning that many things have changed and many of these changes make it incompatible with prior versions. Please take time to try it out and let us know if any issue occurs.

Thank you very much for your attention! I hope you like the changes. Enjoy! ;)

Posted by Agon 2008-09-22