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Express Engine 3.1.4 Patch Available

Changes in this patch:

o Fix bug in handling of header data when writing Part-21 file
o Fix bug where Data Creator button said REAL instead of INTEGER
o Fix bugs in Validation Control Panel
o Improve printing of message for WHERE rule execution
o Reenable QUERY tracing
o Fix bug in p11/parser2.lsp
o Fix printing of QUERY, USEDIN, and TYPEOF

Posted by Craig Lanning 2003-08-01

Express Engine 3.1.3 Patch Available

EE 3.1.3 fixes a problem in the Part-11 parser and reinstates the ability to write Part-21 and OSEB data. It seems the code to perform those two functions had been inadvertantly left out of the previous 3.1 series patches.

Posted by Craig Lanning 2003-07-26

Express Engine 3.1.2 Patch Available

This patch fixes a problem with running individual global rules in the Validation Control Panel

Posted by Craig Lanning 2003-06-23

Express Engine 3.1.1 Patch Available

The first patch to the 3.1 release is now available. Please see the release notes on the download page for instructions on installing a patch. Below is the list of changes since v3.1:

EE 3.1.1: (Patch)
o CAPI - Use expo:chdir instead of hcl:change-directory in set-sticky-directory
o CLIM - Use whole pathname when changing directory
o EXX - Allow assignment to LOCAL variable in SELECT clause of MAP

Posted by Craig Lanning 2003-06-02

Express Engine 3.1.0 Released

Express Engine 3.1.0 is released.

This release incorporates many improvements to the Part-11 and Part-14 parsers and the rule execution mechanism.

Posted by Craig Lanning 2003-05-27

Express Engine 3.0.3 Patch Available

The third patch to the 3.0 release is now available. See the release notes on the file download page for information on how to install a patch. Below is the list of changes since v3.0:

from 3.0.3: (Patch)
o Cleaned up support for CASE expressions in Part-14
o Implement schema version id from EXPRESS v2
o Fixed problem with how the new P21 parser handled typed values
o Added support for RETURN as the body of a MAP... read more

Posted by Craig Lanning 2002-12-02

Express Engine 3.0.0 Released

Express Engine 3.0.0 is now released. Go to the SourceForge download page to get your copy. Please read the Release Notes and Changes available from the download page.

Posted by Craig Lanning 2002-10-10

Express Engine 2.99.0

Express Engine now has completely new parsers for EXPRESS, EXPRESS-X, and Part-21.

Posted by Craig Lanning 2002-09-05

Express Engine 2.98.0

This is a beta release to help shake out lurking bugs in the new EXPRESS and EXPRESS-X parsers.

Posted by Craig Lanning 2002-08-22

Express Engine 2.4.3 Update

Express Engine has been updated to version 2.4.3. Due to the nature of the changes for 2.4.3, it is being released as a completely new executable instead of a patch.

Changes have been made to fix problems with the Run All Rules command, clean up the Express-X problems caused by the premature release of 2.4, and to fix some patch loading issues.

Posted by Craig Lanning 2002-04-17

Express Engine 2.4.2 Patch Available

The first loadable patch for EE 2.4 is now available. Change log is:

EE 2.4.2
- Added support for the EXPRESS constants PI and CONST_E
- Fixed problem with LISP-LOOP

EE 2.4.1
- Fixed problem that caused patch files not to load
- Fixed problem with SELF\entity.attribute notation in INVERSE identifiers

Posted by Craig Lanning 2002-04-09

Express Engine 2.4.1 Released

Changes since 2.4.0 are:

Fixed problem that caused patch files not to load
Fixed problem with SELF\entity.attribute notation in INVERSE identifiers

Posted by Craig Lanning 2002-04-09

Express Engine 2.4.0 Released

See the release notes for the details. One big thing that should be fixed in this release is the problem people were having installing Express Engine on Windows based machines.

Posted by Craig Lanning 2002-04-05

Expresso 2.3.4-1 Released

This is a maintenance release just prior to some major changes.

This release should also work better on Linux. Sorry about the last release.

Posted by Craig Lanning 2001-09-21

Updated 2.3.3 Release

Updated the 2.3.3 release so that now the RPM distribution will work.

Posted by Craig Lanning 2001-05-30

Expresso 2.3.3 Released!

A new version of Expresso has been released. This has minor fixes only. With this release Expresso support officially moves from NIST to Express Engine.

Posted by Craig Lanning 2001-05-16

Express Engine Website is Online!

It may not look like much, but then I'm not a web guru either.

Posted by Craig Lanning 2001-04-11

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