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eviacam / News: Recent posts

New version 2.1.0

This version adds hotkey support for windows version (such option was already
available for linux) and improves camera support (e.g. Surface Pro camera is
now supported on windows). Part of the user interface (the click window) is now
stored as external .xrc files, so that it could modified without recompiling.

eViacam has been recently included in Debian! Therefore, since stretch, Ubuntu
xenial and other derived distros, you can install eViacam by opening a terminal
and running:... read more

Posted by Cesar Mauri-Loba 2016-03-31

Introducing EVA Facial Mouse, a eViacam port for Android devices

We recently published EVA Facial Mouse, a FOSS app which allows the user to control an Android device by tracking the face. Based on the movement of the face captured through the front camera, the app allows the user to control a pointer on the screen (i.e., like a mouse), which provides direct access to most elements of the user interface.

EVA Facial Mouse has been developed with the suport of Fundación Vodafone España and is released under the GNU/GPL v3.0 license.... read more

Posted by Cesar Mauri-Loba 2016-02-29

New version 2.0.1

This version includes a greatly improved motion tracking algorithm which provides a better user experience and consumes less CPU power. Language support has been expanded to Chinese (Taiwan) and Chinese (Simplified). Finally, it automatically checks for updates on startup (configurable) so you don't miss any further release. See NEWS file for details.

Posted by Cesar Mauri-Loba 2015-01-16

New version 1.7.2

This release fixes click generation in multi-monitor configurations, improves support for applications that do not recognise too fast click events, improves the configuration wizard and adds Lithuanian translation. See NEWS file for details.

Posted by Cesar Mauri-Loba 2014-05-12

New version 1.7.0

This release adds Japanese and Greek translations, new icons and logo, and fixes a build error on Ubuntu Raring and other small issues. See NEWS file for details.

Posted by Cesar Mauri-Loba 2013-05-31

New version 1.6.0

This release adds new drag&drop sound feedback and integrated update checking feature, provides updated translations and fixes several issues. See NEWS file for details.

Posted by Cesar Mauri-Loba 2012-11-16

New version 1.5.4

This release adds new translations (Russian and Portuguese) and fixes minor issues. See file NEWS for details. Follow us on Twitter

Posted by Cesar Mauri-Loba 2012-06-06

New version 1.5.3

This release fixes an important defect that made the program crash and some other bugs. It also makes configuration dialogues non-modal. See file NEWS for details. Follow us on Twitter

Posted by Cesar Mauri-Loba 2011-12-31

New version 1.5.1

This release adds middle click support (thanks to Christian Bieder) and fixes some minor issues.

Posted by Cesar Mauri-Loba 2011-07-19

Added more binary packages

Several binary packages for openSUSE 11.4, Debian Squeeze and Ubuntu Maverick for both 32 and 64bit has been added in Files section. Thanks to Christian Bieder.

Posted by Cesar Mauri-Loba 2011-04-07

New version 1.5

2011-03-30 - Release 1.5
* Added automated face localization based on haar-like cascade.
* Configuration options added to wizard and config dialogue.
* Added feature to disable eViacam when no face detected.
* Closes [SF:3066057] Face location detection
* Partially solves [SF:3135033] adjusting position of the green rectangle
* Added hotkey manager which provides fast access to common actions such as enable/disable pointer motion, pointer centring, etc. (GNU/Linux only)
* Partially closes [SF:3066060] Centering mouse pointer by pressing a key
* Partially closes [SF:3080636] switching off workspace limit by key
* Click Window improved (GNU/Linux only)
* Top, bottom, left and right docking modes supported.
* Floating horizontal and floating vertical.
* Auto-hide mode. * Fixes [SF:3144118] Click window
* Added option which allows the pointer to wrap around the work space. * Translations up to date
* English, Catalan and Spanish
* Français (thanks Sébastien Lecointre)
* Galego (thanks to Miguel Anxo Bouzada)
* German (thanks to Christian Bieder)
* Italiano (thanks to Giuseppe Masciopinto)
* Help contents up to date
* English, Catalan and Spanish
* German (thanks to Christian Bieder)
* Galego (thanks to Miguel Anxo Bouzada)

Posted by Cesar Mauri-Loba 2011-03-30

New version 1.4.2

* Added Hebrew translation (thanks to Yaron Shahrabani)
* Updated Italiano translation (thanks to Giuseppe Masciopinto)
* Code refactoring and cleanup
* Fixes
* Removed memory leak when opening help
* Bug that freezed capture on debian lenny when reading keyboard status
* Broken link in Catalan help
* [SF:3152009] Compilation error on 64bit platforms
* [SF:3141920] Bug that asked confirmation on close twice

Posted by Cesar Mauri-Loba 2011-01-21

New version 1.4.1

2010-12-21 - Release 1.4.1
* Added wxWidgets message catalog files for Windows
* Added wx2.6-i18n | wx2.8-i18n as recommended dependencies on debian/control
* Updated translations:
* Galego (Miguel Anxo Bouzada)
* Deutsch (Christian Bieder)
* Français (Sébastien Lecointre)
* Added documentation translations:
* Galego (Miguel Anxo Bouzada)
* Deutsch (Christian Bieder)
* Closes
[3095560] eViacam doesn't start under Ubuntu 10.10

Posted by Cesar Mauri-Loba 2010-12-21

New eViacam minor release (1.3.1)

This new release basically provides some updated translations.

Along with sources several binaries are provided for Windows, Ubuntu Karmic & Lucid and Debian Lenny. Visit the Enable Viacam official site [1] for further details and downloads.



Posted by Cesar Mauri-Loba 2010-08-27

New eViacam release (1.3)

This new release addresses important bugs (especially for linux platforms) and adds several features including the ability to confine the mouse pointer to a selected area and, for linux platforms, a loader has been added to run the process in high priority (to improve responsiveness) and to restart the main process if it crashes, it is possible to set a key to enable/disable the program (useful for trainers or facilitators) and a new option has been added to automatically start eViacam at user logon.... read more

Posted by Cesar Mauri-Loba 2010-07-16

Version 1.2.1 is here

This is a minor revision of 1.2 including some bug fixes and additional languages. See Changes for details.

Posted by Cesar Mauri-Loba 2010-03-06

eViacam - Version 1.1 released!

The new version 1.1 of Enable Viacam ( has been released. Main changes: camera layer improved (added camera selection dialog and better compatibility on Windows systems), image flipped (mirror effect), Turskish and Asturianu translations and other minor changes and bug fixes.

Posted by Cesar Mauri-Loba 2009-07-14

eViacam is finalist in the CCA'09

Thanks to your support Enable Viacam project has been chosen Finalist of the 2009 Community Choice Awards in the Best New Project category. Now it's time to vote again in the final poll. Visit for voting instructions (it will take to you less than a minute).

Posted by Cesar Mauri-Loba 2009-07-08

Version 1.0.1 released!

This is the release 1.0.1 of Enable Viacam (

Added .DEB and .RPM generation support, both binary and source. See INSTALL.

64 bits platforms support: binary packages are provided for: Win32, Debian etch i386, Debian lenny amd64 and Fedora Core 10 amd64.

Also solved important bugs for Linux platforms. See changelog for details.

Posted by Cesar Mauri-Loba 2009-05-04

Version 1.0 released!

This is the 1.0 version of Enable Viacam (

Changes introduced since last release:

2009-04-22 - Release 1.0

* Fixed threading issues that hang GUI under Linux (mousecontrol.cpp)

* Fixed mouse control for full screen Direct Draw applications (mousecontrol.cpp)

* Updated Galego and Italiano translations.

* Debian package generation (see INSTALL). Tested for Debian etch stable... read more

Posted by Cesar Mauri-Loba 2009-04-22

Version 1.0pre released!

This is the pre 1.0 version of Enable Viacam.


* Fixed several type cast in ./creavision/crvmisc.cpp that will break compatibility
for 64bit platforms. Thanks to "Samuel Thibault"
* Italiano translation. Thanks to Giuseppe Masciopinto
* Galego translation. Thanks to "Miguel Bouzada"
* wxcamwindow/camwindow.[cpp|h] code cleanup.
* Added toolbar.
* Disabled wx error message in release mode.
* Configuration dialog reorganization
* Cosmetic changes
* Added fast mode for the click window
* Logarithmic scale for smoothing option
* Windows ver.: workaround to enable capture at 30fps for some camera models.

Posted by Cesar Mauri-Loba 2009-03-09

Version 0.9 released!

You can download binary versions for Windows and Linux and sources. Help needed! Please visit the help forum to see how to contribute.

Posted by Cesar Mauri-Loba 2009-01-21