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Esftp 1.1.1 bugfix!!!


sorry about this people, but the original version of esftp 1.1.1 had bugs and I found them after I did more testing, if you had problems, if you didn't, it doesnt matter, just download the esftp 1.1.1 release AGAIN, because it will clear up any problems you *MIGHT* have.

Again, sorry, but I didn't catch these whilst I tested.


Posted by Chris Thomas 2007-11-27

Esftp 1.1.1 Released!!!!! <FANFARE>

In this release, I'm pleased to say that FTP support is here, you can now connect to normal, plain FTP accounts, there is a site browser which shall be used more in the future to provide remote site browsing and now just a limited implementation as it is used now. The preferences system also has had a big rewrite, most of the code is replaced and with a new system that I found a LOT easier to implement and figure out, this should mean that preferences are INHERITED as intended and this actually works properly to.... read more

Posted by Chris Thomas 2007-11-26

Esftp 1.1.1: One step closer

So, ok, an update on progress

Yesterday, I managed to get the code running on Eclipse 3.2, with Java 1.4. So it should be compatible with pretty much everyone.

The site browser is now working like expected, the only last things that I have to do, before I start to test for things not working anymore are as follows:

1. Remove the code which changes the remote directory, this was a bad idea, it was basically a way to remove the need for setting the complete full path of files on the remote filesystem. But in recent days I found some bugs with it and the Java FTP library that I am now using (EdtFTPJ) works better and more reliably with full paths.... read more

Posted by Chris Thomas 2007-08-09

Progress Report: Esftp 1.1.1

Progress on the new Esftp 1.1.1 release is coming along very nicely, the new features that are now fully working in the prototype I have in front of me are a proper site browser, for browsing the remote site, you can see the files and folders, select a site root without having to remember it from your head.

The benefit of the implementation is that it's trivial to implement this as a ViewPart for using as a normal eclipse view, so you can see this is going to be the face of esftp 1.1.2, where you can browse the remote location and perform actions upon selected files (such as delete, rename, move, copy, etc)... read more

Posted by Chris Thomas 2007-08-02

Esftp 1.1.0 released!


Congratulations!! We have a new version, after about more than a year, I've decided to get my arse into gear and do some bloody work.

So here it is, the shiny new Esftp 1.1.0.

Whilst nothing much has changed, what has is thus

1. It works with Eclipse 3.3 (I use it everyday)

2. It now supports SFTP servers which are setup to use KeyboardAuthentication instead of Password Authentication, which was causing some people headaches (including myself)... read more

Posted by Chris Thomas 2007-07-19

1.0.9 released: Thanks Xenden (Denny Valliant)

1.0.9 has been released.

HotKey support:

Ctrl-Alt-S: Save+Put File/Selection to server
Ctrl-Alt-P: Put File/Selection to server
Ctrl-Alt-G: Get File/Selection from server

Console support:

The status dialog has been swapped with a console output instead, the status dialog and console will eventually be configurable for those who wanted to keep it. The default until I get around to this is the console.... read more

Posted by Chris Thomas 2006-02-05

1.0.7 released! die bugs die!!

1.0.7 has been released and it fixes everything apart from one the open bugs on the list.

1.Progress bar now properly updates in accordance with the % complete

2.The number of bytes to transfer is now properly worked out, I figured that I was calculating it wrong and found out exactly why and fixed it

3.Transfers can now be cancelled and will honour that request mid-file, the only downside to this is that you'll have half-transferred files on the receiving end, which MAY be not what you intended (current ftp client do this anyway, so you should be expecting this behaviour)... read more

Posted by Chris Thomas 2005-11-20

1.0.6 released!

Hey there,

ok, after a debugging session with Sang uk Seong, we managed to finally nail a bug or two.

The problems Sang was having is that ESftp was firstly that ESftp was crashing and just refusing to run at all, we pinned that down to a method called IResource.getRawLocation() which doesnt work on all platforms or versions of eclipse. It works on my machine, but well, it apparently outputs the same as getLocation() on my machine, but on Sangs machine, would output a null IPath on his machine, but getLocation() would output a correct path on both his and my machine, so I swapped to using that method instead... read more

Posted by Chris Thomas 2005-11-15

Debugging a new version


I've been working with a guy called Sang uk seong to finish off a few odd bugs I've been having, apparently using IResource.getRawLocation() works fine here, but fails elsewhere, although I have yet to find anyone who can tell me the difference between them, also, the docs don't say there is a difference either and the practical output from using it, on my machine anyway, is identical to using IResource.getLocation().... read more

Posted by Chris Thomas 2005-11-13

Registered with plugin sites

I registered ESftp with a couple of plugin sites this week and to be honest, they've done a great job, my site hits have gone through the roof, I've gone from being a 50,000 rated project to 538. Thats awesome.

are the two sites I registered with.

I'd like to thank all those who came here to look, download and to Tipo33 and Sang who have given excellant feedback.... read more

Posted by Chris Thomas 2005-11-13

Moved ESftp website to

Hi, just like with my solarcell project, I've decided to move to it's a better host and I know the guy personally and can say he's a brilliant sysadmin, the server can take it I'm sure :)

Posted by Chris Thomas 2005-11-12

1.0.5: a brave new world

Hello peoples!

ok, with 1.0.5 come a couple of things, firstly and most importantly, the transfer bugs I had with 1.0.3 are eliminated and transfers can now process without failure or information loss, a bug in my code a bug in SSHTools code, all fixed, get back to me if you still have trouble.

also a new release system is being tested out, I now have two files that I release, esftp-<version>.zip and esftp-lib-<version>.zip... read more

Posted by Chris Thomas 2005-11-12

SERIOUS transfer related bugs found

serious transfer related bugs have been found in both directions, although they are different matters, read on

1) transferring files from server to local computer

this will fail, in all conditions that I've tested, it will also zero the file in question. The file of course is still hosted at the server, but the local file is wiped.

2) if the site root doesnt exist, transferring files TO the server fails (in a way)... read more

Posted by Chris Thomas 2005-11-11

web site live, project live, all systems go!

ok guys, the project is GO!

website is completed, project is available, go, view, download, find bugs, send hate mail, make love to a beautiful woman.



Posted by Chris Thomas 2005-11-10

Web site is almost complete

Well, the time has come where the website is almost near, today will be the launch day, it's going well, although there is a tint of 1980's X Windows Manager going on, you'll see it, if you know what X Windows is of course! (shout out to oldskool TWM fans)

The site is using the feeds for sourceforge to provide dynamic updates to the site, I'm proud of this acheivement really, it means I can disconnect providing news and files, from managing the site and give me better all round support for the project and the site together without having to duplicate workloads. ... read more

Posted by Chris Thomas 2005-11-10

New SSHTools library suppasses Jsch

ok, you know from one of the last news stories that I was getting a lot of trouble with the Jsch library to even transfer the files, it would get to a particular file and then stop, which was kind of annoying.

But now, I'm back, with the all new, improved, although unfortunately not as well maintained SSHTools project, also hosted here on sourceforge.

Basically a guy called Lee developed SSHTools and 2 years ago, decided to make a commercial company out of his experience, started to sell the next generation API, Maverick as commercial software.... read more

Posted by Chris Thomas 2005-11-08

ESFTP changes licence to GPL

Hi once again!!!

ok, I've decided to change licence to the GPL, I think the GPL offers more protection for me and it also allows me greater scope with choosing a library, there are issues I don't understand fully when it comes to GPL and this is one of them.

if my java plugin, uses a GPL'd java library(jar file) to do the SSH on my behalf, does my program breach that licence by being EPL?

anyway, I can do what I like, it's my software and my licence. If someone has a problem with that, please let me know and I'll consider accomodating any reasonable request.... read more

Posted by Chris Thomas 2005-11-07

problems with Jsch SSH library


I've been getting problems with the Jsch library ( and basically, when I download or transfer files, sometimes it just "stops" and fails to transfer anything else, you'll notice this if you use the first release I made.

I had a look into the Jsch code to find that it's happening when the file completes it's transfer an exception occurs, this exception, prevents anymore filesfrom transferring as well as stopping the file which just transferred, you'll then be left with a bunch of files who's size on disk is 0 bytes.... read more

Posted by Chris Thomas 2005-11-07

ESFTP Project goes live!

Hi everyone!

the esftp project is to bring SFTP transfers to eclipse, basically you load the plugin, set either per workbench or per project settings for the SFTP site and then you can right click any number of files/directories in your project and then select ESFTP->{Get/Put} and it'll do the transferring

there are a couple of things which need to sort out, but I'm sure after a while, we'll have a great plugin we can all enjoy!!... read more

Posted by Chris Thomas 2005-11-07