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Apology and Good News

Hello everybody. This is jamesahart speaking. I have an apology to make:

I'm sorry for not coming here and seeing your bugs. I'm sorry for not fixing these critical bugs much sooner. I'm sorry for ignoring this site for so long. There was almost no traffic on here for the first two years of development, and so the extremely important habits of checking for comments regularly never really happened.... read more

Posted by James Aamodt Hart 2006-12-03

New webpage

I have created a new web-page and blog about MathDrag'n (my new project name) at http:\\ Check it out!

Posted by James Aamodt Hart 2005-03-01

New interface complete

The refactoring the interface has been finished, and hopefully people will like it better than the previous ones. There is still a lot of work to do, though, esp. on the drag-and-drop options. (Now there's a task that won't be finished until I learn how to program telepathy.)

Posted by James Aamodt Hart 2004-09-18

I'm back on the job

<P>After nearly a year of being out of touch, I'm back and ready to get this project off the ground. I'm afraid that I haven't had much contact with the other developers here, so for the moment, I'm all there is.</P>

<P>I have spent quite a bit of time getting the current version in place and running. It's looking like I'll have a lot more free time this year than I did last, so I'll be able to respond a lot better than I have before. I've also been looking and learning about SourceForge's tools, so I now understand enough to use it effectively.</P>

Posted by James Aamodt Hart 2004-09-06

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