Apology and Good News

Hello everybody. This is jamesahart speaking. I have an apology to make:

I'm sorry for not coming here and seeing your bugs. I'm sorry for not fixing these critical bugs much sooner. I'm sorry for ignoring this site for so long. There was almost no traffic on here for the first two years of development, and so the extremely important habits of checking for comments regularly never really happened.

All of this is going to change, however. How much time I spend on MathDrag'n will vary wildly depending on what's going on in my life. However, I will consistently monitor these forums even if nobody is posting, and I will fix the more critical bugs earlier.

I do appreciate you good folks who decide to test it out, and I believe I have fixed the bugs that were submitted. I will listen to feedback and comment, even if it is to say "Can't do that right now."

Posted by James Aamodt Hart 2006-12-03

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